Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Master Bedroom...a day late

Okay I'm a little late with this one...reason being that our bedroom was not clean enough to document until today. We've spent the WHOLE day cleaning our patooties off-getting ready for Essie Claire-and hoping some heavy cleaning may induce labor! So here is our bedroom-
The view from the door...our bed that will hopefully be replaced with a KING verrrry soon! Oh how we want a KING. Yes we are crazy to have a white quilt on the bed but I LOVE the white and brown combo! And yes with two dogs-it gets washed every few days it seems!

Maggie's bed...yes she sleeps here most of the time. Tucker sleeps with us.

The left side of the room....not much here! The door there goes into our bathroom.

The right side of the room...Travis' dresser.
The view from the dresser & our little armoire which houses our tv.


Grasso10 said...

Great bedroom. Very nice comforter. The crown molding and color scheme is great. You'll love the King bed when you get it.

Kate Starr said...

Really love your wall color! And yes, a King is a necessity!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Beautiful room! I love the wall color. Very soothing all around. :-)

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