Thursday, April 29, 2010

the newest "addict"...

The world of Chuck E. Cheese's newest addict has been created! Tonight our school was holding a fundraiser at Chuck E. Cheese and Travis was just as excited as Essie!

My heart completely exploded with pride as she held onto the carousel and rode around by herself!  She rode it over and over again.

The she rode the "Bob the Builder" ride as well...she would even steer and push the green button once it stopped to make it go around again.

And all that fun and excitement wore this little princess out!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

42 Weeks...

On the bright side...Essie is 42 weeks old today!

Her new favorite thing is be outside!  She loves it!  She will sit at the door and holler until we take her out.  She loves to just sit and watch!

Today has just been one of those days...nothing has gone my way....stress, stress, stress.  Travis had only heard from 2 of the jobs he's applied for.  The one in memphis and one in little rock and he was turned down on both.  He is not a "professional engineer" yet...he has to work for so many years and then take a test.  He's not worked enough to take the test yet so that goes against him.  I am becoming very discouraged.  We are still waiting to hear about a job in hot springs and two in russellville.  Both have online services where you can check your application status...I swear I check it at least 10 times a day and so far they've not changed.  Still waiting to hear....still waiting.  I HATE this part.  I can't order Essie's birthday invites yet because I'm not even sure that we will be living here in July!  I know that it's simple and petty but I hate being at a standstill!  I'm so ready to just hear something!  It's been 10 weeks since Travis was laid off...10 weeks.  I never thought  it'd take so long!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

who hair

Since Essie has been wearing her hair in the little "whale spout" these days...she has major "who hair" once we take it down!

Monday, April 26, 2010

random things today...

One thing I've forgotten to mention is that we bought Essie her big girl carseat.  She is soooo long that she's hanging out of her other one.  We found this MaxiCosi carseat on this website and it was half off! I couldn't believe it!  We still have her rearfacing since she's not 20 pounds or 1 year yet!  She LOVES her new big carseat and I have to say that it is super easy to get her in and out of!

Also we got her picture framed today since Hobby Lobby had their frames on half off...I love it!

And we got this in the mail today.  Way back in January (before the layoff) we ordered and (thankfully paid for then) a doll from .  We wanted to get her a special doll for her 1st birthday! If you've never heard of them...they are handmade and you specify things like hair style/color/etc.  The really neat thing is that they sew on a scripture patch on the belly.  It says Essie's name, birthdate, and any scripture of our choice.  I tore into the box as soon as I got home...I couldn't wait to see it!  I'm not showing her yet because I want to save it for her birthday....but here's a sneak peek!

And finally Travis got our rocking chairs finished...I think they really pop on the front porch!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

just a sunday at home

We have pretty much just spent a lazy sunday at home...I cleaned,cooked, did laundry, did dishes, and paid bills and hung out with this cutie all day!

As you can see...she has a big red scratch on her forehead...she and Tucker got into a scuffle this morning.  But no worries...she won!

This afternoon she sat at the back door and pitched one heck of a fit until I took her outside.  She watched as her daddy was spray painting some old rocking chairs his parents gave us bright red (you can see them in the background).

Saturday, April 24, 2010

super saturday!

First of all...just look at my girl sound asleep like this....

This morning we got up early and out the door so we could drop the dogs at the groomer before we went to the March of Dimes March for Babies.  It was supposed to be at the park but was moved to an auditorium due to the stormy weather.  Essie wore the shirt I made for her that said "Strollin' for my friends Londyn & Berkley Baker and Molly Grace Thornton".  Two ladies I work with had their sweet babies early last December so we had 3 preemies to walk for!  However one of the girls teachs on my hall so we wore their t-shirts since the kindergarten teachers were supporting the other one! The shirts were precious and I loved the verse on them!

This is Molly Grace....isn't she beautiful!  And her mommy Beth who teaches Kindergarten.

And these two are the baker girls....their mommy teaches on my hallway!

This is Berkley

and this is Londyn.  They are just beautiful and have such different personalities already!

We had a very nice time and Essie even made the news!

I think Essie's favorite part was meeting her hero "Chester Cheetah".  He makes her favorite snack puff corn!

Then this afternoon we grilled out and ate dinner outside.  We had chicken kabobs, potatoes, and broccoli salad.

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