Sunday, January 31, 2010


So we are on DAY THREE of being cooped up in the house and I am beginning to walk in circles. I've not left the house since Thurday and I'm pretty sure Essie is wondering what in the world is going on!
So I've kept myself busy by cleaning, cleaning, and ummmm cleaning. And then I spent NINE HOURS today going through Essie's outgrown things to get them ready to sell at our big upcoming consignment sale...Popsicles. I was SHOCKED to see how much she fact I'm terribly embarrased. I filled 4 huge tubs full.

Essie has been attempting to crawl lately..she's good at getting up on her knees and rocking back and forth but she gets very frustrated when she doesn't move and screams!

pullin' up

So...E.Claire has decided that she likes to pull up now...last night while in the bathtub she pulled up by holding onto the edge. And today while we were putting laundry away...she was trying to pull up on the clothes hangers. So I decided to offer her one...and just see what happens...

we laughed so hard I thought we'd split open. But no worries...she was fine...and we tried again and she was succesful the next time!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

the rest of snow day #2...

So this afternoon, I got into a cleaning streak...I had Travis take Essie and the pups into the bedroom so I could really, really do the floors.  I vacuumed, dust busted, and scrubbed all our hardwood, carpet, & concrete!  Oh it smells and looks so gooooood!  I cleaned up Essie's was beginning to get super cluttered...

Here is Essie when her daddy dressed her....oh my.  Dots & stripes!

and later when I changed her....

Her cheeks are super rosy...don't really know why???

Just LOOOOk at those two teeth!

And her daddy....look at his shirt!  Oh yes...that's him...back in college.  He had it made during Spring Fest for says "Wanted"...I laughed hysterically when he came out of the bedroom sporting it...I hadn't seen it since my Bachelorette party when I wore it!

And he had LOST his mind going to get the mail dressed like this...
but I was glad he did because my necklace chain came in!  Essie loved to pull on it and snapped it a few weeks ago...I have worn that necklace since the day I got it so I've felt bare without it!  I am so happy to have it back on now! Just gotta teach her to stop pulling it though!

snow day #2

So we got several more inches last night (I think our total is between 7-9 inches).  However there are some areas where it's more...

like our snowdrift beside the's now a foot! 

And then Travis found another big pile next to his truck and it was up to his thighs...we didnt' even measure it.

Our driveway is now part ice-skating rink and part bunny hill.

We've spent the day putting away Essie's clothes...(we had to change her bed TWICE last night), watching movies, eating popcorn, and cooking.  I got the urge to cook up some meals for the week (since we are stuck here after all).  I made chili, taco meat, bacon for blt's, and browned up sausage for breakfast casserole! 

Friday, January 29, 2010

The rest of our snow day...

So it's continued to snow hard all day and this afternoon around 5 we had 5 inches.  At two we had 2 inches & at 5 we had 5 inches....funny how that turned out?!  Essie did finally take a short little nap this afternoon so Trav and I went out to look at the snow some more.  When I raised the garage door I saw a HUGE snowdrift...

I measured it and it was 9 inches!

We were wondering where our street went???

And our backyard...our back porch was gone!

And our front porch....gone!

Once EC woke up we fed her and she got to try some Ritz crackers....she loved them!

And she is getting so much better about drinking out of a sippy cup.  She's such a big girl!

Then Trav brought in a handful of clean snow for her to play with.  She wasn't so sure about it...she made some pretty funny faces. 

And then she stayed in her highchair playing with her sippy cup and some bowls and spoons while I made dinner, did dishes, and cleaned the kitchen!  Such a good girl.

We've had to give her 3 baths today since she has thrown up several times.  She coughs and gets choked and then gags and it all comes up.  She's done it twice and it was awful! Hoping her meds help and she gets to feeling better soon!


Last night Winter Blast 2010 began to roll in.  It started with sleet and freezing rain and we got alot more than they expected I think.  When Essie woke us up at 5am this morning everything was frozen solid.

Around 9ish it began to snow a little and has picked up all day since then.  I have all the blinds open so we can watch it...I love to see the snow fall!

We spent the majority of the day hanging out and being lazy.  Essie played and her & her daddy took a nap.

After that we bundled her up and took her out in the snow for a few minutes...don't worry Grandparents....she was only out for a matter of minutes and the doctor said cold air would help her croup! 

She was amazed at the snow that was actually falling!

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