Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekend in Hot Springs

(I typed this up a few weeks ago and forgot to publish!!! ooops!~)

This past Friday morning Essie woke up with fever so her daddy took off work and took her to the doctor. She got two xrays (of her chest & her sinuses) and was diagnosed with a sinus infection.

Once I got home she was acting fine and her fever was gone so we headed on to Hot Springs to meet Trav's family for a weekend getaway in a cabin.  Our first thing to do was make pizzas for dinner...

Essie's fever came back that night and continued to spike up and down the whole weekend. If her fever was up she wanted NOTHING to do with anyone but me but if it was down she acted totally normal. 

Saturday morning it was a cool, drizzly day but we decided to go on an eagle tour boat ride across Lake Ouachita anyway.  Essie wasn't sure of the life vest but ended up dealing with it.  We saw 4 bald eagled and she was super excited about it..  We kept her bundled up (she had on one shrit, two jackets, her life vest, and a blanket) and she ended up falling asleep on my chest on the way back. 

That day we took a 3 hour nap and just enjoyed a relaxing evening.  The older kids entertained themselves by sliding up and down the bannister...Essie was jealous and just had to try it once. Travis' dad grilled burgers and we roasted marshamallows...

We had a really good time just being together and relaxing!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We had a very nice Valentine's day...

A few days before, Essie addressed her Valentines for her classmates and we baked cookies to attach them too!

 Then on Valentines day she had a party at school (daddy got to go but mommy didn't since my classroom party was at the same time.) 

Once I got home, we let Essie open her valentine cards and she was so excited that her friends at school gave her cards. She kept gasping and saying "Lucas gave it to me!!!". 

She also got to open her Valentine surprise from us...

She had a little suprise for me as well...

Then we all went out to a nice, romantic dinner at Chick Fil A.  Our Chick Fil A does a full service dinner on Valentine's night...we made reservations and printed tickets for it.  They had black table cloths, flowers, candles, and we had waitresses to served us at our table.  We also got free dessert and goodies. It was so much fun and I love that we could do something Essie would love as much as us.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

a very birthday-rific weekend...

Essie is obsessed with birthdays right now.  She is constantly talking about her "Rapunzel birthday" and says "Essie's birfday in JUUUUULY???".  She knows daddy's birthday is in "Octobuuur" and mommy's is in "Februaaarrry". 

Actually my birthday was last Friday...the big 31.  I had a phenominal special day. My friend/co teacher made me some mint-chocolate cupcakes that were DELISH and it was her first time to bake! Travis brought me up some McAlister's sweet tea and flowers at lunch too!  That evening my family and Trav's family all came down and we went to eat at a bbq joint and came back to our house for Snicker's cake (my favorite).

Saturday Essie's new bff  Lexie from "nastics" had her birthday party. It was an adorable Toy Story themed party and all the decorations were just too cute. I teach with Lexie's momma and she made the cutest cupcake toppers and banner with her Cricut!  Essie had a blast getting to do "nastics" an extra day.  Her Aunt YaYa came down to watch and then took Essie for the afternoon so Travis and I could do some consignment shopping!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

sickness & the superbowl....

I have been SICK sick enough to miss and entire week of down and out for 8 whole days sick...two doctor's visits sick. I hate being sick and I feel like I missed a whole week of my life! But I'm better now and glad to be going back to work tomorrow! 

Just a quick update on my 2012 goals so far. I've lost 20 pounds since January 1st! Whoohooo! I am beginning to see the loss on myself and some of my pants are really loose.  The Biggest Loser competition is going well at work and we've lost a ton of weight as a group. I am nowhere near the lead but we still have over a month to go! The No Spend days aren't going that well but that's basically due to my hubbie eating lunch out everyday.  Once I convince him to bring his lunch we should start to rack those up too! Oh and one day at work a few weeks ago a mobile detail crew came around and I got my car detailed so it is absolutely spotless right now! I think we are doing well on my goals so far!

Tonight we had a small Superbowl gathering. Our friends Brittany and Tyler came over and we ate some rediculously unhealthy food and had a great time!  Essie loved sneaking spoonfuls of icing and practicing her "nastics" on her balance beam that she made out of foam puzzle pieces!

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