Saturday, October 25, 2014

We're Expecting!

We found out some exciting news on September 1st (which just happened to be our 13 year dating anniversary).

We sent this text the next day to our family....

But waited until our after our first doctor's appointment to share the news with Essie.  We bought her a "Big Sister" shirt and packaged it with a pack of pacifiers and the ultrasound picture.  She was beyond blown away and just could not believe it.  She's begged for a sibling for so many years!!!

I am currently 11 weeks...

This pregnancy has been different...I was nauseous from really early on and then super fatigued.  I would spend the entire weekend on the couch.  Of course I'm 6 years older this time around than I was with E.  But I'm happy to announce that I've been feeling a bit better week by week.  We go back to the doctor in two weeks so I'm anxious to see our lil one again! This time E will get to go with us so that will be a special treat for all of us!
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