Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Tuesday...

Kelly's Korner is doing a "in the life of" weeklong post that details her day at home with her girls. Since our summers are completely different than the rest of the year I thought we would do it today! And because I'm living as a single mom these days....I want to remember these days since we will be living as a family of three again soon.

We woke up at 9:30 this morning...don't judge. We didnt go to bed until midnight last night! I had set my alarm at 7 for us to get up and go to the library but it was dark and stormy so I turned it off and we snoozed a little longer!

I fixed some oatmeal for Essie and let her sit on our bed and eat it while she watched her new fave movie "Snow White". I have just realized her love of oatmeal and she ate the whole bowl.  She thought she was pretty special getting to eat in the bed like that! She loves Snow white and signs "I ho, I ho" and "dig, dig, did".  She calls the evil witch a "bad guy". I love that.

I showered and got ready and then got her ready.

11:00 we took the dogs to get groomed. Our groomer just lives a little bit away so it didn't take long to get there.  Essie cried when we dropped them off and worried about them the rest of the day. She kept saying "maggie mae are ya??". 

After we dropped the dogs off we went to the mall to get a few things. Our first stop was Barnes and Noble. Essie looooves that store and never wants to leave.  They have a Thomas the Train table set up and she plays on it for the longest time.  I let her pick out one book and she chose a book that is both Sleeping Beauty and Tiana. I bought Dr. Suess's "Happy Birthday to You". Travis and I are going to write a little note in it to her every year and then give it to her on her 18th birthday! I just wish I had thought of this last year so we could've written in it for her first birthday! We also plan to read it to her every year as well! I also picked up a little Sesame Street book to have the guests of her birthday party sign.  She threw a fit when I made her leave. Her first of many fits to come.

Afterwards I had the DUMB idea to walk down to the other end of the mall to Target. I didn't have the stroller (not that Essie likes to stay in it anyway). Essie is going through a terrible, awful phase where she wants to be carried. She pitches one heck of a fit if we try to put her down. I mean flinging herself on the ground, kicking and screaming. So anyway, I carried her heavyself and decided to stop in Children's Place to check out clearance. I ran into my sweet friend Beth there and her two precious girls! We stayed approximately four seconds since Essie laid in the floor, threw a fit, and grabbed hair accessories off the shelf and flung them. I gave in and carried her the rest of the way. We also ran into her bff Presley on the way down.  Once we got to Target I was able to put her in the cart (THANK GOD since my arm was falling off). I stopped by the snackbar and got her some popcorn to keep her happy. I had just a few things to pick up and we were on our way out. I was determined to NOT carry her the way back. I had popcorn, drink, four bags and my purse.  I was going to tough it out and MAKE HER WALK.  Well...the moment I sat her down in Target she fell out, screaming. I walked off and headed out the doors. She followed (SCREAMING, CRYING). I tried to hold her hand and she fell out AGAIN. Again I walk off and she runs, screaming, crying, HYSTERICAL. At this point we are into the mall and she is causing a scene. People are staring, however I am determined however to keep on and teach her a lesson. We make it over halfway back to the car when she really REALLY begins to show her true diva. She flings herself on the ground, tears flowing, screaming. I see a little old lady shake her head at me and point. I give in. Pick the screaming child up and carry her (with everything else) the rest of the way. By the time I got to the Jeep I was exhausted both physically and mentally.

Next we head over to the glass shop to see if the chip/crack in my windshield can be repaired. We sit in the waiting room for over 30 minutes to find out it has to be replaced. Ugh. So we leave with our cracked windshield for now. I ran through McDonalds on the way home since Essie was begging for some "nunnies". She ate in the car on the way home. 

We got home around 3:00. I got caught up on emails, etc  while Essie colored for a bit.  I put her down for a late nap around 3:30 and she slept until 4:30 when I got called to pick up the dogs.

4:30 we load up and pick the dogs up from the groomers. Once we get home we just hang out and get ready for kindermusik.

5:45 we leave for Kindermusik.  This is her favorite things in the whole world and she gets to see her best friends Presley and Carly (who i hear about EVERYDAY). We arrive and take our shoes off and sit in the circle and play with balls and books until time to start. We sing songs, play with jingle bells, egg shakers, parachutes, etc.  I would be lying if I said she is well behaved during "Jing Jang". She likes to run off from the group and do her own thing. She didn't want to sit and participate today. Usually once she runs off then the others follow and the whole class is disrupted.  One bright note was that she is usually TERRIFIED of the parachute and today she was all about it. She  couldn't get enough! I was sad since today was her last day of Kindermusik! When it was time to go I took a pic of her and her bffs. She gave Presley the biggest hug and Presley kissed her on the cheek and then right on the lips. As we were getting in the car she yelled "BYE Presley!". Presley yelled back "BYE ESSIE".  I drove off in tears.

Once we got home it was 7:30. Essie asked for "cars spaghettios" for dinner so I fixed her some along with mixed fruit and applesauce.  I had a turkey sandwhich and watermelon. She ate really well.

Afterwards she took a bath with her mermaid doll and her Aurora doll. She loves bathtime right now and stays in there for the longest time. She won't go without those two dolls though!

9:00 we crawled in bed to watch some more Snow White! Hopefully she will drift off soon!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cars 2 & helpin' daddy

Saturday afternoon we took Essie to see Cars 2! She's been so excited for it since she's seen the preview for the past few weeks and all the merchandise in stores! She was pretty good and we made it all the way through. She ate her weight in "pop pop" too!

Today we showed our house again and afterwards Travis worked on our car while Essie did some consturction of her own...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

playdate with "pooper"

Sarah had inservice today so I got to keep Cooper all day! Essie was so excited she couldn't sleep last night! But it was a complete different story today when I was actually taking care of him. Let's just say someone was just a LIL jealous. (ok maybe ALOT).  But I enjoyed having a little one around and spending time with such a CUTE lil boy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pinterest! aka my new obsession!

I am OBSESSED with Pinterest. Like REALLY crazy nutso over it. I've spent the better part of Essie's naptime for the past two weeks browsing, getting creative ideas, and drooling.  For those of you unaware of Pinterest it's a website for visually sharing ideas for decorating, food, design, party planning, teaching, fashion, etc. It's FABULOUS.
 For instance...

I want to do this in my new classroom for a reading center...

And this is a fabulous princess room that I can dream/drool over for Essie

And this would be great to do for storage!

What a great breakfast idea!

And they even have holiday ideas! Whoohooo

Monday, June 20, 2011

As close to a vacation as we will get...

So Essie and I spent Wednesday night and Thursday night in Batesville with my parents.

Then we headed over to Little Rock Friday morning to spend Father's Day weekend with Travis. Trav's parents came over as well. We went to dinner and I let Travis open his gifts early. Essie got him a Princess fishing pole (for him to take her fishing), she also painted him a picture for his office, and a personalized notepad for his office as well.

Saturday we got up and drove over to Conway to check out an antique store. We stopped by Pickles Gap so Essie could see the animals and ride the carousel. She also tore into some fudge!

We shopped around town, drove by our new house, and ate lunch at Marketplace. Essie was all over that Chocolate Mess!

Saturday night we went to the Big Dam Bridge to see it lit up at night and a walk. Essie was all over that bridge! We were super hot afterwards so we went by Orange Leaf for froyo! Essie loved their tiny chairs and tables.

Sunday we got up and went to the splash park in Jacksonville. It was so relaxing!

Essie and I had a nice long weekend away but we were both so ready to get home today! Once we walked in the door Essie kept saying "We HOME mommy!". :)
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