Thursday, December 31, 2009

What an accomplishment...

I stated earlier that one of my goals over my time off from work was to clean out our office which had recently been turned into a landfill.

Well I am PROUD to say that after a few hours this morning...I have turned this...

into this!

And we also moved that big desk out of essie's room and put in some low shelves for her toys! I think it looks so much better!


A few more firsts

Yesterday Essie tried oatmeal for the first time....and she LOVED it!

Well Essie has slept in her room for the past 3 nights!  We have had to get up at least once (sometimes two or three) times to either feed her/put a paci back in.  She can put her own paci in but at night she can't find the darn thing (half the time it's under her).  Soooo since she's been sleeping in her own bed she's also been taking a bath in her own tub! (up until now she and I usually take a bath together)!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 in Review

It's been such an AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL year that I just couldn't sum it up...soooo I chose one picture from each picture that was special.

January 19th - Hearing the words "it's a GIRL!" I had no idea how much pink was coming our way.

February 18th-finally finding the base fabric for Essie's nursery!

March 2nd-While attending "The Bachelor" finale party my bff  Sarah gets a surprise proposal!

April 21st-My first baby was such a sweet day!

May 16th-laying in bed feeling Essie kick and Tucker hugging her

June 30th...we watched my due date come and go...

July 9th-holding Essie for the first heart will never be the same.

August 14th...sleeping just like daddy..this is one of my top fav pics of all time

September 26th-first Red Wolf football game...first of many to come...

October 5th-Essie's first day at Mrs. Deenas & the end of my maternity leave

November 14th-Sarah & Matthew's wedding & our first photography gig

December 22nd-Essie's first Christmas

I never in my wildest dreams could have imagined this year turning out the way it did.  I would never had believed you if you told me how my life would change this year.  We have been so blessed.  I cannot wait to see what 2010 holds in store for our little family...

2009 in facebook statuses

Okay so I found this thing on facebook that automatically randomly selects some of your statuses from the year and compiles them.  I thought it was such a neat way to look back!


our little one LOVES to eat!

25 Weeks...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


First of all...miss priss slept ALL night in her own bed in her own room (she did wake up for a feeding at 4 but went right back to sleep!).  We are so proud of her!

Early this morning we made a spontaneous decision to take a quick road trip to hit the outlet malls in Tunica for after Christmas deals.  Essie looked like such a BIG girl in her outfit this morning...and could that shirt be any more true???

So we headed out with a plan to shop and eat at Paula Deens....Essie loves to travel!

We made a wrong turn in Memphis and ended up driving right past Graceland! I was so excited!  I've never been there and I was astonished that you could see it right from the highway!  We also saw his plane Lisa Marie...we HAVE to make a point to go and tour it sometime!

When Sarah &  Matthew heard we were going to do lunch at Paula Deen's they jumped in their ride and headed over to Tunica as well!

We did get some good deals...alot of stuff for next winter/Christmas for her.

At Paula's Essie got to sit in the high chair for the first time ever....she looked so big!  (and I have to get one of those high chair covers...ewww)...ummm hint, hint Meemaw! :)

She was into everything.  She pulled everything off the table and stuck her fingers in everyone's plates...she was very disappointed that she only go to eat applesauce and none of the yummy food. And who would've guess that she'd talk Paula Deen into strolling her around?! :)

Once we got home our friends Ashley and Chandler and their lil one Adalyn came over for dinner and to exchange gifts.  They gave us gift certificates for a date night and Essie some pjs, a toy drum that rocks, and sunglasses!

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