Wednesday, June 30, 2010

51 Weeks, etc.

Look who is 51 Weeks old today! And we have only one more of these to take before her birthday! (a week from tomorrow!) It's just gone too fast! 

This is what we were doing one year ago was our due date.  We would wait a whole nother week for her to arrive in fact!

Oh but was she worth the wait! 

Essie Claire you are such a mess right now! I would need a novel to keep up with everything you are doing new these days.  Your favorite saying right now is "OH BABY!"  you say this when you are excited or realllly want something.  You point and say "baby" when you want something and you gasp the loudest gasp when you see something exciting.  You say "Hi" to everyone we pass at walmart and it never ceases to surprise me who will stop and talk to you when you do this! You are a charmer.  However by far my favorite thing you are doing these days is saying your name.  You say "e-EEEE".  You dont say your s sounds very well.  You will put a towel or blankie over your head and say "where's e-EEEEE".  Oh how it tickles me! You will be one year old in a little over a week and I just cannot believe it! Your fav thing to do right now is empty you did with your laundry baskets today!!! What a messssss!

In other news...I went to the MIDNIGHT release  of Eclipse last night.  I met up with a bunch of girls at IHOP at 10 and then we ran over to the theatre.  They were showing "Eclipse" on all 16 screen of the theatre and midnight and every single seat was sold out in advance.  The lines for popcorn and bathrooms were rediculous! We got there an hour early and had to sit in the 2nd row from the screen.....not ideal! It was a blast though and the movie was amazingly good!  I got in at 2:30 this morning...I can't remember the last time I got home that late! 

Needless to say we took a long nap today and ran errands.  Then I met the girls again (with some new additions) at O'Charleys for dinner and then we headed over to see ECLIPSE again! Yes I've seen it twice...but there were two different groups of girls who wanted to go.  And I will say that Travis and I may even go back to see it later!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What an honor!

I am so excited and honored! I submitted pics of Essie's nursery awhile back to Design Dazzle and got an email today that they featured it! Here is the link!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Home...and elmo!

This morning we loaded up the car and headed home....I thought this was soooo sweet!

Then this afternoon Essie had a HOT DATE with her favorite RED, FURRY MAN!!! Tonight was Elmo night at Chickfila!!!!  
She loved it! She gave Elmo and Pooh a high five and grabbed Tigger by the nose! ha!  And Travis and I used some coupons and had dinner for 6 bucks!

Then Trav had to run to lowes so he dropped E and I off at Kohls to browse while she shopped in man land.  I found this cookbook that I've been wanting soooo bad.  It was only 5 bucks and it's filled with all these great ways to hide veggies and fruits in your kids food! I am sooo pumped. 

Then we stopped by the park so E could swing and play some! She threw a HUGE fit when we left! She wanted to stay!

And I just had to share this lovely pic of our mosquito covered Jeep from all our trips to batesville lately!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Long time no blog....

Wow...I guess I took an unintentional bloggy break!  We are out of town again...this makes the fourth weekend in the past 5 weeks.  As I mentioned before we are helping Travis' parents renovate their old house.  So that's what we have been doing this past weekend as well. We got in Friday afternoon and Essie's cousin Haley was at my parents house as well.  EC and Haley had a blast. Haley started pulling E around on this blanket and she would just was soooo cute!

Then Saturday we had TWO parties to go to.  First was my Aunt Tammy's workshop party.  My aunt Tammy has downs syndrome and works at local "workshop" along with lots of other people with varying disabilities.  They have these huge blowout parties for them several times a year and it's such a blast! You wouldn't believe the dancing!  So we went and of course our little dancing queen had a blast!

Then right next door at the park was my bff Julie's little girl's bday! Jadelyn was turning NINE! Unbelievable! They had a "glow party".  It was the neatest party theme I've seen! They had glow in the dark cups, straws, rings, necklaces, sunglasses, etc.  It worked out great since it wasn't scorching hot! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Essie's Invites

So here are Essie's invites (I blacked out our address).  A lady whose little girl was in first grade this year made them for me! They are double sided and I loved them!

2 weeks!

2 weeks from today this little beauty will be ONE YEAR OLD!!!

And she is such a mess!  Check out her latest stunt she pulled this morning...yes she threw 3 rolls of tp into the pott today! Oh what are we going to do with that girl?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Okay we want to get a print of Essie's bday pics to put in a mat for everyone to sign around at her party.  Here's the problem.  We absolutely cannot decide which one.  We want one that is obvious that it's her birthday...but then we do love the ones of her standing because that's so special...and then we can't get over how pretty she looks in #4....So we need your help! Which one do you like? Please vote as soon as you can...we need to orderit asap! Thanks a bunch...please use the poll on the side!




50 Weeks, a rough day, and a good day!

First of all....yesterday Travis had a job interview in Conway (thank the lord) so we all decided to go.  While Travis was at his interview he dropped Essie and I at a shopping center.  It was a thousand degrees outside and Essie was NOT HAPPY.  She did not want to be in her stroller at all and I couldn't carry her and push the stroller around.  Not one place had hot water to make a bottle and she was not about to drink a cold one.  So she screamed the entire time pretty much.  Then the button on my newest pair of jeans plum fell off (it wasn't sewn on very good to begin with) so my britches kept falling down.  So I was dealing with that on top of the screaming banshee in the stroller.  I was never so thankful for Travis to come and pick us up.  We then went to eat and met up with one of my best friends from back in the day and he showed us around the town some (Thank you Carey!).  While doing that our car died for the second time that day and then our a/c quit working completely.  So we went to get the fuse checked out and it was fine so the blower is out.  So we got to drive 2 hours home in the thousand degree weather! Fun times...oh and I forgot to mention the screaming child who wanted out of her carseat and screamed for 2 hours!  Here are some pics of our yesterday however:

And today Essie turned 50 weeks old! She is psorting the cutest little outfit we got at consignment for a few bucks.  It even came with two sets of hair bows!!!

She was all about that turtle in the pocket!

And this is her new thing....she goes into the laundry room where we keep the dog food and digs the food out of the can and feeds it to the dogs.  It's so funny! *we do wash her hands afterwards!*

So  then we had to take my Jeep back to the shop and pick up some prescriptions at Target so we stopped at chick fila for breakfast.  Essie loved the free cheerios and balloons! she like the play place too.

Then we ran to the mall and she got to play in the playland there...we hardly get to since there is usually big kids who run over her. She loved it! LOVED it!!!!

And then we ran to target and she didn't want to be in the cart she wanted to walk beside her daddy.  She isn't quite walking on her own but she's great at walking while holding one hand!

And of course after that she was worn plum out!

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