Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tangled up for Essie's 3rd Birthday!

We knew last year at Essie's 2nd birthday, that we would have a Tangled themed 3rd birthday.  Tangled was the first movie she ever saw and she is obsessed with it! I consulted Pinterest and got to planning several months back.  Essie was old enough to help plan this one and had a lot of input to what we did.  I wanted to keep this one a little more simple than her previous years.  Our first decision was to have it at her gymnastics place since it would provide active fun for all those WILD toddlers! 
Essie was set on one certain cake she saw on Pinterest.  It had to have a tower and her Rapunzel toys on it.  Thankfully the hubster had mad fondant skills and made an AMAZING tower for her cake.  He created the tower out of rice kripie treats that he pressed around a PVC pipe.  He then covered it all with fondant and hand-cut the details. 

I baked the cake and my mom and I helped decorate it. 

This was "Rapunzel's Sweets" table.  It housed the cake, hazelnut cupcakes (Rapunzel's favorite was hazelnut soup), white cupcakes, and oreo pops!  I made the cupcake toppers and decorated the cupcake tower with yellow ric rak (hair) and purple tulle skirt.

We kept the menu simple this year and went with the "Snuggly Duckling" pub theme.  We served bread braids, grapes, cheese & crackers, summer sausage, rootbeer candy, and peanuts.  My friend painted the snuggly duckling sign...I looooved it!

The kiddo table filled with frying pan plates (black plates with plastic knives hot glued to the back) and favor bags. The girl's favor bags had hand-crocheted purple crowns (thanks Dad!), rapunzel candy, and rapunzel tatooes. The boys had pirate pouches, pirate eye patches, pirate tatooes, and flynn rider candy. 

Party and Present fun!!!

Essie loved her party and was so blessed to have so many people come to celebrate with her. 

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