Thursday, June 18, 2009

Laundry Room Tour

This Friday at Kelly's Korner is your choice of what you want to show in your home...either a laundry room, bonus room, or play room. I would've normally chosen to show our play/bonus room however it is currently housing all our Christmas decorations since my husband got an itch to build shelves in our attic to organize everything. So it's been filled with all our Christmas stuff for the past oh, say...6 months. But we do have a very cute playroom waiting on lil Essie Claire...once her daddy cleans it out!
But we do have a laundry room so I am proud to show it off! One requirement when we built this house was that I wanted a real laundry room...that would hold all my cleaning supplies and so that I would (cough, cough) put the laundry away from the dryer. Yeah...that's still not happened once but I do have a real laundry room that holds all my cleaning supplies!
The view from the hallway/door. My hubs make the cornice board...I originally bought this fabric only for the laundry room but loved it so much that I used it throughout the house. I love the wall color in here as well...I would go so far as to say it's the "perfect golden color". It's called "wicker rocker" from Sherwin Williams. It's a custom mix off of an old Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger color that was discontinued. We painted 75% of the house this color in fact...LOVE it!

We added a dog wash sink...I HAD to have one of these. We found the sink itself at Home Depot and had our cabinet peeps build a custom base for it. We love this makes washing the dogs so much easier since you don't have to bend completely over to use it! It also works well to soak clothes in and clean up big messes. Maggie and Tucker however do NOT love this sink!A few decorations...I'm still not quite done with it! I found this vinyl sign online and loved it immediately. I have full intentions of buying a big chunky black frame to hang around it one day. I made these wall letters just for fun...and to take up the large wall in the room. The hubs hung them without my help one day and I've never been quite satisfied about how they were spaced. But you can't blame him for trying!And lastly my sorting bins...I try and be organized even though half the time clothes just end up getting piled on top of the bins rather than sorted in them!Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of our exciting laundry room!


Heather said...

Your laundry room is so cute! I love how your baskets are labeled. I also like the decal on the wall, too cute!

Susie said...

Too cute! I love the laundry today...sign! Thanks for sharing

King J's Queen said...

What a well-organized laundry room. Wish mine looked that good.

Shana said...

Very cute!! I love your doggy-washing sink. Good luck with your delivery!!

ButterYum said...

Your "laundry today or naked tomorrow" sign made me laugh so loud the kids wondered what was going on in my office. What a scream! Please stop by my blog and let me know where you go it. Great laundry room :).

glam R baby said...

LOVE your LAUNDRY Room...SO CUTE!!!!!


Kelli said...

I love the saying on the wall and the organization of your baskets!

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