Friday, February 27, 2009

Hello...I'm Johnny Cash

Today at school was Arkansas Day and we were supposed to dress as famous Arkansans or symbols of Arkansas. I went as the legend himself...Johnny Cash...complete with a "ring of fire".

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


$5.00...that's how much I paid for this CUTE sign at Hobby Lobby. I'm pretty sure it'll be 100% true as well. Travis has refused to paint until after our BIG ultrasound next week "just in case the last tech made a mistake". (I can't even think about the possibility) After that, I cannot wait to get it all put together!

On another note...if looks could kill. Maggie and Tucker seem to just scowl when I get the camera out anymore. They both shot me some dirty looks this evening when I tried to snap a few pics!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

22 Weeks

I've finished my 5th month and am now moving into my 6th!!! A Spaghetti Squash-that's how big Essie Claire is this week. She weighs a whopping 1 pound this week!!!! I've definitely felt her move around and kick alot more the past few days. I've only felt it really low in my belly so far. But the other night I was laying on my side and she kicked me so hard I jumped and gasped. She continued on for several minutes like that. Travis is so jealous...he can't wait to feel it too! As far as the pregnancy goes I have felt better this week than I have in a long time and have finally gotten some energy and appetite! As of my last appointment I had lost almost 20 pounds and am still wearing regular clothes. But my appetite is finally coming around-I've even had a few minor cravings. Right now...sweet tea. Travis is bringing home McAlisters to help solve that tonight! :) I'm also filling out my regular clothes a little too much and am going to have to transition into some maternity stuff soon. We're going to stop by Little Rock this weekend so I can pick up a few things.


Good things came in the mail yesterday. We got this bundle of headbands for really cheap. I found a great website that offers these for a discount so I ordered almost every color. I can't wait to clip big flowers or bows to them for Essie to wear! This teeny weeny bikini came in as well-it's not easy finding them in 0-3 mos size! I got it for a great deal on Old Navy along with this clearance Valentine shirt. Travis especially liked it! She will definitly be queen of her daddy's heart! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Drunk Dog

Tucker has had a sore on his neck for a week or so now. But when Travis got home today for lunch, it had gotten alot worse, he was all bloody and kept scratching at it. So Travis wrapped it up the best he could until I got home. I decided it was bad enough to go to the vet so Travis took off work a few minutes early to take him. They had to knock him out, shave his neck, clean his wound, gave him a shot and a few prescriptions. And $170 later (yeah, I know rediculous!) he's back home and drunk. It's soooo sad to see him wobbly and unable to stand up! On top of that he's wearing this horrible neck cone thing which he hates. It's so sad!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well we've just spent the last 5 (yes, five) hours doing our taxes. We decided to keep all our receipts from last year since we could claim the taxes paid in the materials needed to build the house. So we have been adding up sales tax on every single receipt that we've kept (grocery, gas, restaurant, construction, etc.). We used excel to help us-Travis called out numbers while I typed them in (over 800 receipts worth). It did pay off, however, we ended up getting a couple hundred dollars more back by doing that. But this is the LAST time we will ever do it! NEVER again!!! We are getting back the best return that we ever have and it will definitely come in handy with Essie's arrival this year!!! Thanks TurboTax for the expert help!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Essie's Blanket

My dad made this blanket for Essie. He's been confined to a chair due to his broken foot and needed something to do with his hands so he made this gorgeous blanket for her. I can't wait til she can use it! It matches her bedroom soooo perfectly!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I hate field trips...

Today we had our first field trip of the year. We went to CiCi's Pizza and to see a local performance of "High School Musical". I hate field trips...they are soooo stressful from a teacher's point of view. Dealing with 21 WILD, EXCITED first graders in restaurants or theatres is just not fun. And we go as a grade level so there aren't just 21 first graders, there are 150 of them! Bus rides, complaining kids, bathroom breaks, etc....just not my idea of fun. But anyway, here is picture of all the brave first grade teachers. I love these girls...there is no one better to work with! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Registering is fun...and exhausting!

Tonight we spent quite awhile at Target registering for lil miss Essie Claire. Registering for a baby is sooo much more fun than when you are registering for a wedding! We had a blast even though I'm wiped out now! But it's also waaaaay more confusing. That bottle/pacifier aisle will send your head spinning! We have noooo idea on what bottle/pacifier we will use so we just registered for several kinds to try out. What's great about registering at Target is that we got a $20 gift card!!! We also started a walmart registry but have only done it online so far. I'm going to add links to our registries on the side if you want to check 'em out!

We also ordered our main bedding fabric today! I can't wait til it comes in and I can really get the nursery started! Here is a horribly grainy picture of the fabric that Travis snapped on his phone. I'll post a better one when it comes in!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

21 Weeks

Essie Claire is now the length of this carrot! The books say her eyebrows and eyelids are completely formed and that she can hear us now. So I've been trying to talk to her some and am trying to convince Travis to talk to her more but it's a little wierd for him to talk to my tummy!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


We got this in the mail this week. It's a very nice coffee pot that Travis had ordered for me. Apparently he used to play some online games that racked up points that he can use to buy items. He had enough points to buy this fantastic coffee pot! Not bad for a free...he didn't even have to pay shipping! I thought it was very nice of him to use the points on me...very thoughtful! I can't wait to use this after Essie is born. I'm sure we'll BOTH put the miles on this after all those sleepless nights! I've told Travis that he'll grow to love coffee once she's here! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

busy busy busy

We have had a busy day! I feel like I've accomplished more today than I have in several weeks! We started by sleeping in (ahhh, yes). Then headed off to a fabric store in search of our nursery fabrics. I was all ready to pick them out and order today. We spent a long while in the store and only found one fabric we liked. Even though they had a room full of sample books, the lady couldn't find anything we liked and kept trying to get us to change our mind. Needless to say I left utterly exhausted and disappointed and in tears. I was very discouraged. Travis convinced me to look at Hancocks where we found three fabrics that we liked. We got a few samples and my confidence was renewed.

We decided to stop at a little boutique to look for a diaper bag (my birthday gift from Travis) and we found this diaper bag. LOVE IT! We also realized that they do custom bedding and can order fabrics. We found a fabric that I LOVED-it was perfect. The only porblem is that it could possibly be discontinued...we'll find out Monday. So, fingers crossed it's still available! Also check out this diaper bag my parents bought me for my birthday...soo cute with Essie's name on it!

After that we stopped by Hobby Lobby where I found these boxes. I plan to put them on the changing table filled with diapers and other essentials. We managed to get them on 1/2 off even though the checker said to be considered "decorative boxes" they needed lids. Whatever.

After lunch we stopped at a consignment store on our way home and found this bathing suit. Oh my goodness is it cute! She'll be able to wear it next summer in Nana & Pa's pool!

Once we got home we watched Wall-E (very cute movie!) and cleaned house! Doesn't sound much like a romantic Valentine's Day but it was a great day none the less! ;)

Friday, February 13, 2009

I know

Okay, I know I have to stop soon. But we found this adorable outfit on a great deal on ebay! I just can't pass up a good deal on cute clothes!!! Seriously...I cannot wait to put her in this outfit! And it matches this bow we bought perfectly! And look at this blanket. One of my boys in my class gave it to me for Valentines day. I had to fight tears when I opened it! It's the first thing with "Esther" on it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


We hit up Popsicles tonight and really racked up some good finds. Popsicles is a local consignment sale that takes place at our fairgrounds a couple times a year. We bought Essie Claire 9 different outifts....a few of them are brand new with tags! Travis was so cute in there...he was so all about it! He even picked out a few of these outfits!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Girlie Girl

Check out our new girlie girl finds. I bought these precious shoes from a lady on etsy...seriously, how cute are they??? I also got this little rosette bow that Tucker was so gracious to model (it made him feel pretty). At Target tonight we found this woven rug. It's light blue flowery fabric and pink chenille it! We also stopped by and added her name to two waiting lists for daycares. It was sooooo surreal to write her name on the registration form!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today is my 28th birthday. I got these two bouquets at work. The first one is this cute carnation cupcake from my parents that looked so real it had many of the girls fooled for a real cupcake. The second is this gorgeous arrangement from my hubbie who also came and ate lunch with me today! The other girls on my hall also helped me celebrate with yummy cookies and a target gift certificate!

20 Weeks!

I am at the halfway point! Essie Claire is as big as this banana! Craziness! That banana has kicked me on and off all afternoon! I'm not used to that feeling and it throws me off quite a bit. It's super crazy!

Monday, February 9, 2009

She moves!

I have "officially" felt Essie Claire kicking! I've debated for over a week if that is what I was feeling. Today I have no doubt. I feel it mainly when I am standing up. I was standing up wrapping a baby shower gift today and just kept feeling it over and over again. A little nudge right there in my lower tummy. How exciting!

The Quilt

My parents bought this quilt for Essie Claire off Etsy. I love it! We're planning on doing her room in shabby chic style so this will go nicely. We have yet to pick out the fabric so our friend Lori can get started. Our goal is to get that done this week!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some pink

We hit up TJ Maxx today in search of some little girl finds. We bought a few things such as this cute pink and brown set that Travis picked out. I found this ohhh so adorable , butter soft, pink ruffly outfit that I LOVE!!! It's my favorite item so far! These are the first PINK outfits we have!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

19 Weeks!

Well little miss Essie Claire has grown from a bell pepper to an heirloom tomato this week. I went to the dr. today just for a check up since I've been so sick the last week. Everything was fine. Heartbeat was 152...she's pretty consistent. Our "big ultrasound" is in 4 weeks. I'm excited to see her again and find out everything is okay. I just hope she's perfectly healthy.
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