Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gaylord Opryland Resort

We're staying two nights of our vacation at the famous Opryland Resort. It's GORGEOUS!!! It has the world's largest indoor garden, a river running through it, and is decorated to look like the French Quarter. We've spent the whole day walking around and shopping. We even took a riverboat ride through the middle of the hotel. This evening we watched a laser/water show! I cannot get over the amount of fish in the river...we saw huge carp and an albino catfish! Fun fact: the river in the hotel is made up of water from 1400 rivers all over the world. They sent out bottles to people all over the world and people sent back water samples. Then they used those samples to make up the river here!

On the road again...

We got to Nashville around 2:00. We had a nice trip down...saw 2 different tour buses leaving Nashville. Wonder who's on them? We listened to lots o' country music on the way down and sang along to each twangy one!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Music City here we come...

We're leaving for Nashville tomorrow morning! We've got alot of fun things planned: going to the Opry to see Buddy Jewel and Mark Wills on Friday, going to the zoo, lot of shopping and tours! I am taking the laptop and hopefully will be able to access some wireless internet so I can update the blog. If not, I'll update when we get back on Monday!

This cracked me up!

Maggie paraded around the house today with this baby bottle in her mouth. I guess she got it from Haley's playroom! It was sooo funny how she was just walking around with it in her mouth. She was quite proud of herself!

Almost done...

We're almost finished unpacking! We've gotten the garage almost completely cleaned out and a few rooms inside that need finished. We're hoping to get it finished before we leave for Nashville tomorrow. I had planned on working all day today on it but I'm sick with a major sinus/upper respritory infection. Isn't that how it works? Haven't been sick all summer until a few days before we leave on vacation!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hide & Seek

Travis' mom gave us this stuffed cocker spaniel right after we got Maggie because it looked just like her. Maggie's goal the past few years is to get ahold of it. She succeeded tonight. She must have found it in a box somewhere but all I know is that she's not giving it up. Well...anytime Maggie gets a new toy or bone, the first thing she does is hide it in order to keep us or more importantly Tucker away from it. She will even go as far as pulling a sock or sheet over it to hide it even better! So the game of hide and seek began. Now, once she hides it, if she realizes we have seen it, she must move it again. And the game goes on and on until she finds a spot that we don't know about. Here are the places she hid the baby tonight. I'm sure there will be more to follow.

Spot #1. The couch

Spot #2. Behind the table

Spot #3. Inside the fireplace
Spot #4. Behind the box

You might be a redneck if...

You might be a redneck if...your only guest bedroom is decorated completely in camo! Travis has a large collection of hunting/camo motif stuff. He has everything from pictures to sheets, etc. In order to keep it from trickling into the rest of the house, it's all put into the spare bedroom. Therefore, my sincerest apologies to all women who must endure this bedroom. :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Only 5 more days!

Only 5 more days until "Breaking Dawn" is released! This is the final book in the "Twilight" series and I cannot wait to find out what is next in the Bella & Edward saga! We will be in Nashville during the release and I am hoping to go to Borders Bookstore for a midnight release of it. But I've told Travis after that to TAKE it away or else I will be useless for the remainder of the trip! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Since she was an infant, Haley's nickname has been Peanut. She saw a shirt at Cracker Barrel awhile back that said peanut and had a picture of one on it. She was so disappointed that they didn't have her size. So my very talented friend Amy made this Peanut tanktop that we LOVE! Haley was super excited about it and couldn't wait to put it on this morning!

Friday, July 25, 2008

S'mores at Whiskey Creek

Before we headed back home from the waterpark, we decided to stop and eat at Whiskey Creek since it was right next to the park. It was pretty good...Haley loved the peanuts. For dessert we got s'mores. She had never eaten a s'more before and thought it was soooo cool that we got to roast marshmallows right there at the table! I have to admit it was pretty fun and yummy!

Water Park!

Today Travis took off 1/2 a day so that we all could go to the Paragould water park. It was really cool! I was very impressed at how everything was set up and how clean it was. Haley had a blast! She loved being able to ride the slides and swing on the ropes.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Haley decided to put on a fashion show tonight. We were all hanging up in her playroom (since she won't go up there alone). She usually does NOT like dress-up, she doesn't like the attention she gets when she dresses up. So I didn't have many dress-up things up there for her. She dressed up in several things and then decided to get some of her own clothes. She made us close our eyes while she put on each outfit. Then she danced around and strutted her stuff. She named each outfit (in order of pictures): bad guy, movie star ("not Hannah Montana", she said), a tv star, and a singer.

Chuck E. com!

Haley ALWAYS requests Chuck E. Cheese when she visits. Travis and I always agree simply because we have just as much fun as she does. In fact she's usually ready to go before we are! They had added a whole bunch more games and she was so excited she could barely contain herself. Tonite she had ( well, we had) over 800 tickets. She cashed them in for this crazy Chuck E. Cheese head backpack! And for some reason everytime Haley says Chuck E. Cheese she add "dot com" on the end of it. Maybe it's from a commercial???

Teacher's assistant

Today for some reason, Haley begged me to go to my classroom. I needed to do some work there anyway, so we went. We ended up spending an hour in the morning and then we came back and worked again after lunch. She was so excited to help and squealed with delight everytime she opened a box and discovered what was inside. She even began to pretend to teach! What a great assistant!


This morning I saw the sunrise. I never see the sunrise during the summer. The joy of having a little one in the house! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sprite Cake

Tonite we made Sprite Cake which Haley thought was crazy. She didn't even eat any cake since she had licked two spatulas of icing!


Haley and Uncle Travis had a great time fishin' in the backyard today.

Guess who's here!!!

Haley arrived today for our annual summer week together. She's been waiting anxiously for our house to be ready for her to come and stay. I made sure the playroom was ready for her to enjoy. Of course she's too scared to be upstairs by herself, therefore she brought all her toys (and tent) down to the living room to play with. She realized right off the bat that she's taller than last time because she can't completely stand up in the tent. She exclaimed "I'm TALL AND TAN!!!" Crazy girl! So I should have plenty to post about all week!
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