Thursday, April 15, 2010


So awhile back we had some professional pics taken at Wye Mountain by Bertiz Haille.  She gave us the copyrights to them so we are wanting to get one printed as a 16x20.  But I can't decide which one.  I'm going to put my favorites on here and let you all help me by voting for your favorite one!  I will add the poll to the sidebar so vote now!







Cunningham's Chaos said...

I voted 1 but Maddy would like to vote and she says 2.

Jennifer said...

I voted for # 1 but can I vote again and again and again because they all are great photos?!

Frances said...

I kind of like #2 the most--#1 has good color, but #2 has one of her sweet expressions. Of course I love them all too.

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