Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter 2010!

Well first of all...I have to post  picture of our Easter 2009....Essie was snug and warm in mommy's belly!

Okay back to now....We headed out Friday after work to Pine Bluff to spend the weekend with Travis' family!  Essie was in the BEST mood when we picked her up at daycare but soon realized she was stuck in that carseat for 3 hours and wasn't very happy about that! She finally crashed with about 30 minutes left to go!

As soon as we got down there we ate dinner, played for a bit, gave Essie a bath and went to bed.

Saturday morning we had a yummy breakfast of waffles...Essie wanted to wear her new bath visor that Meemaw & Peepaw had given her.

After breakfast the Easter bunny had visited a little early..she got to open her basket from Meemaw and Peepaw (they gave her a yellow duck that sings, a fuzzy book, and popping beads).

Then she got to open the one we gave had lots of fun stuff.  I loved watching her pull each thing out and look at it!

Then it was playtime again..her favorite thing to do was climb up on this shelf, get into the sitting position, and climb off again.  She sid this time and time again!

Then we had a nap and played some more until Aunt Tanya & Uncle Benny came over. 

Then we ate dinner and dyed some Easter eggs.  This was Essie's special 1st Easter egg!

She then got to make her own

which she promptly threw on the floor!

And then she wanted to play in the dye so daddy had to hold her arms...which made her VERY mad.  And when he stood up with her, she managed to kick over a cup of orange dye!

But here are some pics of our dying eggstravaganza!

AFter that she CRASHED and had to get her beauty sleep!

And of course Sunday morning we got up and got dressed up for church!

After church we had Easter lunch and we headed back home! On the way home Essie started to brush her hair (my smart girl!)

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