Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teacher Gifts!

This week over at Kelly's Korner is "Show us Your life-Teacher's Gifts".  This is a subject I know ALL about since I am a teacher!  Every gift is wonderful to be honest...nothing better than something a child picks out or makes him/herself!

But here are some good suggestions:
  • GiftCards!!! These are always great!
  • Gift Baskets: (like these cute buckets from Whimsy Tin)...fill them with cute little snacks or supplies.
  • Personalized Gifts: I had a student give me a super cute bow this year for Essie...that meant so much to me!  And last year I had a parent give me a surprise mini-baby shower when I was preggo with her! That same parent suprised me on the day of Open House with a case of my favorite drinks!
  • Little things: Seriously there is nothing better than a Sonic Diet Coke  any day of the week! :)
  • Thank You notes: I have recieved a few of these in my 6 years of teaching and I still have them...they mean so much to me! Please let your child's teacher know how much you appreciate them!  Teaching is a very hard, stressful job.  You are responsible for the care, safety, education of 20 kiddos and you have to please 20 sets of parents.  That's a pretty tough gig.  You have no idea what a sincere thank you note does for a teacher's soul!


Katie Bug said...

I agree that those little gifts (like the Sonic Coke) are great...especially when they are given for no particular reason.
One school year our principals came around to each classroom and brought each teacher a freshly baked brownie just to show the students they appreciated us. That was a great suprise!

Anonymous said...

Love your ideas! I know I would love a Diet Coke brought to me!

Holly said...

Cute ideas! I love that a parent threw you a baby shower! :)

Claire said...

Great ideas!


Summer said...

What great ideas...

Gift cards are awesome I put that on my list too! Oooh I didn't think of Sonic....what a fab idea....everybody loves a sonic....

Have a great weekend
Summer :0)

Beth McC. said...

As a previous teacher you could never go wrong with a giftcard!! Yhose little tins are precious!! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is precious!!

Happy Friday!

Angela said...

LOVE those tins!!! Your blog is so cute! Great ideas! Thanks!

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