Friday, April 9, 2010

Superhero Day!

I've discussed before that our school is doing a "Superhero" theme to pump the kids up for the Benchmark/Sat-10 tests that are next week.  Today was Superhero Day and everyone got to dress up like the superhero of their was amazing to see this kids dressed up..some were VERY, VERY funny!  Our school website has a slideshow of pictures if you want to check it out! Hop on over there and watch it...have your volume up though it's got cute music! Now you will understand why I don't want to leave my job! Where else in the world would you find teachers, principals, and kiddos like this??? (click on the word website to go there)!

I even dressed Essie in her supergirl shirt but didn't get any pictures because I changed her soon as we got home since it was soooo warm!

We went to dinner tonight with Sarah & Matthew and then to the park for a bit!

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Rebecca said...

Love the superhero theme. We did "Learning Land" with a Candy Land theme. Essie has hair like Caed where her longest hair is her bangs. At least you can put bows and bands to keep hers back. We are going to have to give Caed a trim or start spiking it like Essie.

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