Wednesday, April 14, 2010

40 Weeks!

Essie is 40 weeks today..and I had no idea that shirt would be a "belly shirt" when I sent it to daycare! ha!

So good news is that she is feeling alot better and was able to go to daycare.

The bad news is that she has managed to infect everyone who has come in contact with her lately. Travis got hit with it at 5am, Sarah also got hit with it this morning and left work early, and I got hit around 9:30 this morning and left at lunch. Thankfully I was able to get through the Sat-10 test before I left! 

I want to thank everyone for the encouraging, sweet, sympathetic comments, emails, funny text messages (Julie), and encouraging phone calls (Carey).  It's amazing how a comment,  text or phone call can brighten your day!

I also had to share one of our projects with that Cricut...we made new labels for our laundry sorters! I love that thing I tell ya!

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