Sunday, April 18, 2010

back porch dining...

First of all...these two were looking out to the front yard as daddy mowed the yard!  They just stood there like that for the longest time!!!

Since the yard looked amazingly good (I LOVE a freshly mowed yard) we decided to grill out and eat on the back porch.  We even took Essie's highchair out there! She gobbled up her potatoes, veggies, cantaloupe, and honeydew! 

Then when we came in her daddy snuck her a taste of his sucker.  She shreiked when he took it away from her!

Then it was bathtime and a pedicure for her since her Easter pictures are tomorrow!  I will post them as soon as I can!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Those pictures are adorable and the fur babies too! That is so funny to me how they are looking out the window. You should submit those to a baby magazine. The grilled food looks de-lish.

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