Thursday, April 8, 2010

9 Months!

Essie Claire I swear it was just yesterday I typed up your eight month post!  Seriously time is flying by right now!  You are just a bundle of fun right now!  Here's what's going on with you:
  • You are very, very mobile! You are into pull up on everything and love to get into all sorts of sticky situations.  You have just mastered sitting from the standing position...before you just screamed until someone got you!
  • You have learned to "brush" your hair and feed yourself! 
  • You are starting to show anxiety and fear ALOT MORE these days.  You are scared of sounds and new things.  You also don't like to go to people anymore.  You've started to cry when mom and dad leave you.
  • The only baby food you like to eat is that nasty strained meat! UGh  You are pretty much eating table food for the rest of hte time.  You are also drinking 4-5 8 oz bottles.
  • You weigh right under 19 pounds and we don't know how long you are yet.  You will got to your 9 mth check up next week.
  • You wear 9-12 mos sized clothes and size 3 diapers and size 2 shoes. 
  • Your favorite sayings right now is "bye bye (as you wave your hand)" and "huh, heh, hum"!  Everytime we ask you a question you answer us with a "huh?".  I love it! 

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Frances said...

Your Memaw and Pepaw think you are wonderful and very special. Happy 9 months, Essie!

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