Monday, April 12, 2010

108 balloons!

This Saturday we went to Batesville so Travis could help his dad work on their old house.  We had planned on going down on Sunday anyway to attend a very special event (more on that in a bit).
Saturday afternoon we spent sometime outside...Essie loved jumping on the back deck!

Then Saturday evening we were all in the hottub and she was having a blast.  Out of nowhere she just started throwin up. the hottub.  While the jets were on and Travis and I were in there.  Yeah...gross!  We just thought she had either choked on some water or gotten too hot.  But during the night at 2am she threw up again in our bed.  And we noticed that she had in her bed as well.  Then she continued to do so off and on that morning.  She acted completely fine but would just throw up anytime we fed her.  So we just started giving her Pedialyte and she seemed better by lunch so we loaded up and headed to Heber Springs.

Our little cousin Hailey was having a party at Sandy Beach in Heber Springs celebrating being cancer free!  She was diagnosed with bone cancer in December a few years back.  And as of today is cancer free!  When she was first diagnosed she drew this picture:

So once they got the all clear she had a party at Sandy Beach.  She released 108 balloons signifying her 108 treatments.  It was very special!  The only pictures I got of her were the ones with the balloons....she was too busy playing to stop for pictures!

Essie didn't care much for the sand or the water but she sure looked cute! Haley on the other hand (my niece Haley) loved them both!

Then we were going to go to dinner when Essie suddenly threw up again (all over my dad none the less).  So we headed home instead.  We got back home near 8:00.  She did fine last night but threw up again this morning.  So we are taking her to the doctor at 1:30.  Hopefully we'll figure out what is going on with her and get her fixed up! 

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