Thursday, March 25, 2010

a very busy Wednesday (from Essie's point of view)

So...the reason my weekly post is a day late is because yesterday morning mommy loaded me up....

and headed toward Little Rock because late Tuesday night mommy made a spur of the moment decision to book a photography session at Wye Mountain with the daffodils.

So mommy dressed me up and sat me in all those flowers...and some lady took my picture even though I WOULD NOT smile.  I didn't like the was scratchy on my legs and  feet.  But hopefully that lady got some good pictures so mommy and daddy will be happy! Mommy said she would do a whole seperate post about those pictures later! But here's a sneeky peek. I looked so cute in those flowers that complete strangers kept asking mommy & daddy to take my picture!

And then for some reason mommy started crying when she saw this little girl...I didn't understand why but mommy said she'd explain it later.


After that we went to the mall so mommy & daddy could find Easter clothes to match my pretty pink outfit! And we met my Aunt Tanya and Uncle Benny at mommy& daddy's favorite restaraunt in Little Rock, Juanitas.  Mommy says it's the BEST!  I didn't eat any Mexican food but I did enjoy my crunchies and some lemon.

Aunt Tanya brought her friend Ryan...I thought he was cute and he shared his hot dog bun with me! 

And I really love my Uncle Benny...he makes me smile!

Then we loaded up again and drove to Batesville to see my Nana & Pa....I slept the whole way there but I woke up when we got there and I was WILD!  Mommy & Daddy had a hard time getting me to go back to sleep!


Jane B said...

The outfit is adorable on her! Great colors for her...sounds like you had a busy day!

Cunningham's Chaos said...

YOU made a spur of the moment trip somewhere? How Cunninghamish!

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