Sunday, March 14, 2010

saturday and sunday wrap up

Saturday evening Sarah & Matthew came over to babysit Essie so Travis and I could go out and have a date night!  We are finally getting to use one of our date night giftcards from Christmas!  So here are some pics before we left:

We went to Ruby Tuesday to eat dinner and to the movies to see "Valentine's Day" (yes i realize that's been around for awhile but there was nothing else we wanted to see!).  The movie was really very good! It was sooo nice to have some time just to ourselves! And here are some pics that Sarah and Matthew took while keeping Essie!  She was so good for them!

Then this morning we got up and ate breakfast.  Here's EC enjoying a tasty breakfast of wheat toast and scrambled eggs.

Then we got dressed and went to visit a new church.  We are currently looking for a new church home and are wanting to start visiting some around town...and it just so happened that one of my students was getting baptized this morning so we went to watch.  I am so proud of her! And we also enjoyed the service quite a bit..we may be going back to visit again! Essie went to the nursery and was so good in there!

Here was the DIVA throwing a full on fit!

Why you ask???  Because I took away the babywipe she was sucking on!  Mean ole mommy!

After church we went to eat lunch with another giftcard we had.  Essie got to try mandarin oranges, cranberries, and rolls.  She was so good!

By the time we got home she was exhausted and we all three took a 2 hour nap together! It was wonderful! 

Then it was on to grill out some dinner of chicken kabobs and grilled cabbage (I'll post the recipes on the recipe blog).

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