Tuesday, March 2, 2010

random thought today...

So I had to run to Hobby Lobby today to get stuff to make "super hero" costumes for a thing at work next week...(yes, I will post pics when I'm done!) And while we were there, Essie and I ran down the Easter aisle and she talked me into putting these ears on her...ain't my bunny cute???

And...tomorrow we are taking her for her March pics.  Our photographer mentioned doing a monthly thing for an advertisement for them so we are taking her after work tomorrow..be thinking greeeeeen.  I am going to try my hand at making a bow for her the first time...wish me luck.  I'll blog it later! :)

And.....tomorrow is ALSO her first time staying home ALL DAY with daddy. I'm excited to see how that goes. I know he'll do great but I'm kinda pumped for him to get a glimpse of "stay at home moms lives".  I've laid her an outfit out to help him out.  I was going to let him pick it out completely on his own but I decided since we are going to have to go in public I better do it.  And I am forcing him to take her weekly pics AND do her weekly post! We'll see how that goes!

And...he also is still pimping her car.  He added this "I drive like a cullen" bumper sticker to it.  All you "Twilight" fans will get that one! :)

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