Tuesday, March 9, 2010

update on unemployment...

So we are beginning week 3 of unemployment...here is where we are right now:
  • Travis has completely updated his resume and has given it to everybody who will take it.
  • Travis has applied for various jobs so far we've not heard back.
  • Travis attended the ASU job fair in hopes of meeting potential employers.
  • Travis had an interview with the Arkansas Highway Department today.  It would be for a job outside of Jonesboro.  I reeeeeaaaalllly don't want to move.  REALLY don't want to move.
  • I have started tutoring afterschool 3 days a week to bring in extra money.
  • I have tried talking Travis into substitute teaching for extra money...so far he's not game.
  • I am having to adjust to our new life of scrimping and saving. 
  • Essie is now attending daycare parttime...3 days a week.  This saves us $40 a week.
We are getting by and trying to stay positive.  I am hoping and praying that a job opens here in town.  Have I mentioned how much I don't want to move???  We are kinda at a crossroads.  We know of a dozen or so jobs that are open however they are all out of town and would require a move across state.  Do we take what we can get? Or do we stand our ground and wait until something opens up here? We poured a year into building our house.  I cannot imagine teaching anywhere but Fox Meadow.  I cannot imagine Essie attending a school other than Fox Meadow.  We have such good friends here....Ugh I hate uncertainty! I just wish we knew exactly what to do...


Jennifer said...

God knows for certain....leeeean on him. Sounds as tho you are staying VERY positive. Thanks for sharing pictures of that sweet little girl. What a munchkin! A cute one at that!!

Allison said...

ugh. sorry you are having to go through all of this. I know the unknown is hard. Keep staying positive and if you do have to move, well maybe that's where you are supposed to be.

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