Monday, March 1, 2010

and they called it "the streak"'s The Bachelor Finale...I keep holding out hope that he won't pick Vienna...even though I am FOR SURE he does!  I even made this "don't pick Vienna" cake! :)

And this evening Essie discovered she likes to she was getting ready for her bath...she took off like greased lightning...

And travis had to drop her crib mattress all the way to the bottom since he found her standing in her crib last night! 


Jennifer said...

haha LOVE THE CAKE! I remember I was sad when we had to lower the crib...just another gentle reminder of how fast they grow--ugh!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe Jake picked Vienna????????? I was so sure Ali would come back into the picture..

Essie just gets more precious each day.

Luv, "aunt rosie'

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