Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Stuff!

So here is little miss e-claire's easter outfit...I think it's to die for! I love the sweet smocking, the bunny detail, the gingham, and those ruffly sleeves.  She is just dripping with cuteness in it!  She's going to wear sweet white ballet flats, a pearl bracelet, and her big pink bow with it! We don't have her actual professional Easter pictures for a few weeks since we are waiting on the azaleas to bloom!

And here is her Easter bucket.  We got it from WhimsyTin (there is a link on my sidebar).  I LOVE it-I wanted something we could use year after year. 

And here is her basket already filled...she has animal crackers, crunchies, sippie cup, bath books, a Barbie (she was soooo wanting one that a little girl had at church the other day), a loud squeaky chicken, and a toothbrush! :)

And here are a few pics from today..she got to try some frozen berries in her mesh feeder...she made one heck of a mess! But she was in hog heaven!

And I got this recipe from a baby book (it's half an avocado, 2 tsp cream cheese, and some diced tomato).  She loved the avocado by itself but she really liked this too! She's taking some of it to daycare tomorrow for her lunch!

And just because it's too's her nudey shot...she takes off like greased lightning everynight as we are getting ready for bathtime! :)

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