Sunday, March 21, 2010

it's time for the Easter bunny!

Well we were planning on attending an 8:20 service this morning at a local Methodist church, however, our little alarm clock must have hit snooze because she slept until 9:00!  She slept for 14 hours and only woke up for a bottle once at 5 am.  She has been too busy for a nap the last two days...I mean refused to nap AT ALL so she's been going to bed early!  So anyway, we went to another Baptist church this morning and we discovered it was not the church for us. 

Then we came home and put Essie's Easter outfit on so we could take her to the mall to get her picture made with the Easter bunny!  We were both quite convinced that she would freak since she's starting to get more wary of things/people.  But she was ALL about him!  She played with his ears and pulled his fur.  Here's her official Easter pic...

And so she's played on this cold, rainy day.  And this evening she was making such a mess at dinner that I just gave her the bowl and spoon and let her go at it.  Here is the result...

So she got a bath in the sink for the first time ever...

and she was in bed by 6:30 even though it was still quite daylight out!
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