Monday, March 22, 2010

Craft-tastic Monday!

A little while back I used some birthday money to purchase's a Cricut Create.  It was on 50% sale! I had been wanting one so it just worked out perfectly for me.  I no longer scrapbook but I have already put this puppy to use A LOT.  And Travis has used it just as much as I have! He's "pimped" her little pink car, made redwolves platters, and decorated her trashcan in her bathroom.  (we found the trashcan on the dollar aisle at Target)
We also have been working on some favors for Essie's birthday's a little glimpse.  We are doing pinks and zebra print.  (Yes, I know that we still have like 3 months to go BUT I just can't wait). We found these little tins at Target in the dollar aisle and we put each kiddos name on  it along with some zebra print ribbon.  We are going to fill them with goodies!

We also made this lapdesk for my niece Haley...

I've also been busy, busy, busy making flowers and headbands.  Here's what I got so far:
I found these flowers in the wedding aisle at hobby lobby...I love that they are not the typical flower colors!

And here's a few headbands I'm working on.

And just because I love all my readers who want to know how to make these, here's the how-to!
You will need:
  • thin elastic (white or black)
  • hot glue gun
  • thread/needle
  • tiny flowers (available in bunches)
  • tiny rhinestones
  • measuring tape
I buy the tiny flowers by the little bunches at Hobby Lobby.  This one was about 1 dollar.  All you do is pull all the little flowers off the stems.

Then I pull the backing/center piece off the flower (you can also remove all the little plastic fillers that are between the petals if you wanted).

I handstitch the flower together (since I removed the center piece that hold it together). You can also hotglue or staple (for bigger flowers only) if you wanted.

Using the hotglue gun, glue a rhinestone in the middle.

Measure your kiddos head size or use this chart that I found: 
0-3 m (12 in)
3-6 (14 in)
6-12 m (16 in)
12m-3y (17 in)
3y-adult (18 in)

Cut elastic a smidge longer than the headsize.  Overlap the ends and stitch together (you can use the machine if you have one but I prefer to handstitch).

Glue the flowers to the headband (I usually glue the first one right on  top of the seam).

And that's it! Simple, huh?  And the only difference to make flower barrettes is to add an alligator clip to the back with hot glue!

And just because I can't stand to post without's her at lunch today.  She's eating more and more fingerfoods.  At lunch she had blackbeans, corn, peaches, cheese, and toast.  She didn't eat very much of it but she sure loves to play in it and share with the dogs! She is such a mess!

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