Saturday, March 6, 2010

sunshine day...

So we had another weekend away...this time visiting Nana & Pa in Batesville.
Friday night we went to eat at Larry's Pizza...we LOVE Larry's pizza!
And then Essie got to wear her new "big girl" was so sweet but I forgot to take pics!  And today we got up and went to eat breakfast at Kelley's...Essie loves pancakes and biscuits!

and she got to play....she loved playing with these bowls and utensils...she had a blast!

And then Sam came over for a playdate...she scares the puddin' outta that poor boy.  She immediately leaned over to hug and kiss him and he went to pieces. 

All she has to do is look at that boy and he screams...bless his heart!

It was soooo beautiful that she got to play outside some and we even put a little sundress on her!

I thought she looked so stinkin cute! 

And then after dinner she got to go hot tubbin with her daddy...just look at that watermelon swimsuit! Oh I just love to kiss that belly! :)

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