Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Terrified Tuesday

First off here are some HAPPY pictures of Essie when we went to the Nature Center today to stroll/look around. We walked the nature trail and saw snakes, alligators, fish, frogs *ugh*, turtles, and lots of other critters!

And all that happy fun made her CRASH!

And now for the terrified pictures! Well Essie has begun a phase (a short phase I hope).  She's terrified of everything.  She's scared to stand on her own, she's scared to walk, she's terrified of the vaccuum now (even though she loved it only weeks ago).  She doesn't want to be put down EVER.  Loud noises make her fall to pieces. 
That being said. Well....we found this big bag of balls at Walmart for 10 bucks.  We thought, "OH she'd love them!".  We had been talking about a sandbox for her but rather decided we could clean out the little swimming pool we had and fill it with the balls and she could play outside! What a FANTASTIC idea, right???  Well...........

not so much.  She was TERRIFIED.  I think it was the sound the balls made when they rolled against the plastic tub.  And Tucker didn't help when he nudged the side of the pool and tipped it.  She was hysterical everytime she even looked at that tub of balls.  Major fail. 

So off to the park we went to spend some time at a "happy" place.  And at first she was loving the swings.  See...happy girl.

Then we decided we would walk around and try some slides. AND....

again major fail.  She went to pieces each time we set her down.  I don't know if she was having "ball pit" flashbacks or if the amount of children was too much to handle.  We ended up leaving pretty  quickly after that.  I'm hoping she's either teething or just tired...I'm sure missing my brave little one!

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Jennifer said...

Oh no! Not E~Claire?? She is such the diva...all those cute little clothes! I'm sure she will be back to her old self soon.....she is such a doll!!

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