Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life in the day of a first grade teacher & mommy!

I totally forgot to post this!  I had it all ready and completely forgot! oops!  But here is a glimpse into a day of my life as a wife, mommy, and 1st grade teacher! Here is my Monday!
  • 6:00 am alarm goes off...I usually hit snooze a few times and roll out of the bed and head straight to the shower.  Get dressed...change Essie's diaper, wake hubbie up all while watching our local news & then Good Morning America!
  • 7:15-grab coffee, bagel, Essie's daycare bag, diaper bag, lunchbox, and Essie and head out the door.  We usually arrive at Mrs. Deena's at 7:30 ish..visit for a bit, kiss Essie, and drive on to work (which is just a block or so away).
  • 8:00-students race in the room...hang backpacks up, grab familiar reading baskets and begin to read while I get the attendance & lunchcount done.
  • 8:15-guided reading groups.  Students are broken into 4 levelized groups and we rotate through stations.  Each reading group meets with me and my broker, Ms. Angie,. 
  • 9:30-Calendar time!  We work on place value, counting money, lines of symmetry, patterns, and skip counting. 
  • 10:00-Phonics & Spelling.  This week we are working on ai, and ay words (rain, day)
  • 11:10-Lunch & Recess-drop students off at the cafeteria and off to the lounge for lunch and girl me the things said in the teachers lounge...boy oh boy.  That's all I'm saying!
  • 12:00-read aloud the book Lilly & the Purple Plastic Purse...we are working on a Kevin Henkes author study (if you've not read it...please do! Great book!)
  • 12:35-Takes students to computer lab and I get my break
  • 1:15-Math time...teaching "how to tell time"...wooo!
  • 2:00-writing-working on writing paragraphs!
  • 2:45-students pack and get ready to go home!
  • 3:00 bus duty!
  • 3:30-pick Essie up
  • 4:00-arrive home, playtime with Essie!
  • 5:00- feed Essie veggies and baked snacks while I cook dinner of leftover smoked boston butt (thanks to Travis' dad!), scalloped potatoes, and green beans.
  • 6:30-bath, bottle, bed for Essie
  • 7:00-Bachelor Finale!
  • 10:30-bedtime for me! :)


Jennifer said...

Oh I love Lilly and The Purple Plastic Purse. I actually took my boys when they were about 7 & 8 to see the play. It was great!

Kate said...

Just found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I love the pictures of your daughter at the top of your blog! What a doll!

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