Wednesday, March 31, 2010

38 weeks!

Here are Essie's 38 week pictures!

She got to spend the morning with Daddy and here are some pics HE took of her...sooooo daddy pictures!

And then this afternoon I took off work so we could head to Batesville to take Essie to an optometrist there.  We both went to school with him and so we wanted him to take a look at her because of this:

Her left eye does not move outward from her nose.  You only notice this when she cuts her eyes far to the left.  Her right eye moves over but her left does not. 

Here is my big girl waiting in the waiting room!

He said that she could possible have "Duane's Syndrome" which is where there is a problem with her sixth cranial nerve.  He wants us to to to Arkansas Children's Hospital to get a 2nd opinion.  He said other than that her eyes looked healthy!  She was SO GOOD! She didn't even cry when they dilated her eyes! Here is a pic of her big pupils!

Since we were in Batesville we went over to NaNa & Pa's to eat dinner.  They had an Easter basket ready for her filled with goodies! 

After dinner she climbed their entire staircase by herself!!! She was so proud! 

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