Friday, March 19, 2010

Essie the teacher!

Today at work we had no kiddos at school but we had "professional development" so we were in meetings.  Travis had to suddenly go out of town and so he brought Essie to me.  So she got to pretend to be a teacher for a little while! :)  She was SO GOOD...she didn't even make a sound! Seriously not one peep! AND she didn't have a nap ALL day!  We went to lunch at my favorite place and she ate and ate and ate.  She had peas & carrots, broccoli, and macaroni.  Then we ran to Target & Old Navy.  We found this super cute swimsuit for next to nothing! I love that it matches her baby blues!

And I found these Pottery Barn PJs at a consignment store on 75% off.  They were only 3 bucks!  I love them and think she looks just precious in them!

And I had to post this picture from last night...she fell asleep snuggling her Glow Worm.  Melt me! :)

She's had such a busy day that she was in bed asleep at 6:45 tonight and it is still daylight out! And today is the first day of my SPRING BREAK! I can't wait to spend the next week with my little dumplin!

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