Friday, July 31, 2009

More Wedding Stuff!!!

Okay so over at Kelly's Korner is another weekly "Show us Your Life" and this week is wedding ceremony, party, and flowers! I'll try and keep it short and sweet...
We got married on December 27th, 2003. Our colors were black and white and we had red flowers. We were married in Travis' church back home in Batesville. Our pastor from here in Jonesboro (Don Martin) did the ceremony. My bridesmaids...
Here is Travis with my bridesmaids...(like I said our hired photographer sucked it up and we got no good posed pics)
Starting at the left is Charity...we grew up in the same neighborhood but became great friends in college. Next is Julie...she was my maid of honor...we've been friends literally since kindergarten. Next is Rebecca...we met in college in education classes. We lived together our last semester of college. Next is Ashley...matron of honor...she and I were friends when we were younger but really grew close in college. And last is Tanya...Travis' sister!
They wore black and white dresses from Maurices (not your typical bridesmaids dresses but I loved them none the less). And they were cheap! They carried fire and ice roses...beautiful!
The groomsmen...

From the left is man...travis's brother. Next is Jeremie, Jeremy, and Josh...all Travis's friends from high school/church. And last is brother.
Our flowers...

I carried deep red "Charlotte" roses and white feathers. They were wrapped in satin and I had a diamond horseshoe charm attached to them for "luck". The "maids" carried "fire and ice" roses which are white roses with red tips.

We had alot of music in the wedding..."The Prayer" by Josh Groban and Charlotte Church played as an intro. My friends Dana (she also took the only good pictures we had at the wedding) and Charity sang "Parent's Prayer" while the parents and grandparents were seated. They also sang our unity candle song which was "Grow Old Along With Me" (if you've never heard's beautiful!) Our recessional song was "I Feel Good" by James Brown...I had to mix it up just a little bit! It was hysterical!
Our flower girls were my cousin Shelby and Travis' niece Kennedy. Travis' mom made the dresses...we gave them "Build a Bears" as their gift and his mom even made matching dresses for the bears to wear. How cute is that?
Our ring bearer was Travis' nephew Nate. He was so handsome!

I will blog the reception next Friday!

Finally Friday!

Wow! What a busy week it's's just been a blur! Every day Essie and I got out and left early to run errands and go to meetings. We've been gone all day pretty much every single day this week. Since I'm just 3 weeks out from deliver/surgery I'm still not really supposed to lift much and I've been carrying her around in that heavy carseat all week so I'm exhausted and sore! My sciatic nerve is really flaring up from lifting her to put her in the middle of the backseat of the Jeep...that's not an easy task! And the poor girl just endures as I bump and rock it to get it in and's definitely not a smooth ride for sure! Needless to say I am ready for the weekend and for next week (which I have NOTHING scheduled to do!) Tomorrow we are going to work on my classroom and try and get it ready. My dad is coming up to help us so we should be able to knock it out.

Today we had a lunch meeting with the other first grade teachers and principals to discuss back to school stuff. Essie slept the whole time of course. Our assistant principal Amy brought her little girl, Presley, who is 5 months old. She was a doll! Afterwards Essie and I ran to a teacher supply store and dollar tree to pick up some stuff for my classroom. Then we came home to rest for a little bit before daddy got home. Then all three of us ran to Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart...I am exhausted!!!
In honor of our meeting with the other teachers Essie wore her "future Raider" onesie, black pants, and raider colored bow! She looked adorable!

But of course it wasn't long before it was covered in baby goo so it was on to outfit number 2! This one was a gift from aunt tanya and essie looked like a doll in it! By the way...have I mentioned that she's gotten some MAJOR crazy hair??? Just look at how it sticks straight up like that! It's out of control!

Anyway so we had our bath tonight...we've been taking a bath with her and she LOVES it! It super relaxes her! Look at her in her cute hooded towel and pajamas! Now if only we could have another 8 hours of sleep night...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

8 and a half...

First of all I have to brag that essie slept 8 and a half straight hours last night. She fell asleep at 8:00 and slept until 4:30 this morning. I couldn't believe it! We kept waiting for her to wake up for her 11:00 feeding but she never did. I only wish Travis and I wouldn't have stayed up late so that we could've slept those 8 hours! I was so shocked that I took a picture of her Itzbeen at 4:30 this morning!!!

We had to be at a meeting at my school today at 9:00 so we ran around this morning like crazy to get out the door. Essie wore her ruffly butt outfit that I've tried having her wear several times before (but she always spits up on it). She looked so cute! She was very good the whole day even though the meeting lasted until 2:00! She did have a major spit up all over the both of us so we got to put on another one of my favorite outfits...this black one!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 weeks...

Essie I can't believe three weeks have gone by 1 week you will be 1 month old! Holy Smokes! You are growing and changing before our eyes and we just can't stand that you are growing up so fast! This is what is going on with you at 3 weeks...
  • You are sleeping in around 4 hour increments at night. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. One night this week you slept a whole 5 hours and 15 minutes!
  • You are eating between 3 to 3 and a half ounces every 3 hours during the day.
  • Your hair is getting longer and sticks straight up all over your head. Mommy loves it and thinks it's so stinkin cute!
  • You and mommy took your first "real" bath together last night. You LOVED it! You smiled and kicked the whole time.
  • You are really starting to smile a lot more now. And not just in your've smiled at mommy several times today! It makes mommy's heart just turn straight to mush.
  • You somehow turn yourself completely around in your crib. You are very strong and are always on the move!
  • You and that horrible green paci are inseperable these days...

So today we had your 3 week photo shoot and since you were in such a good mood we tried out a bunch of our BIG bows just for fun. You lookes sooo cute in that white outfit (it was just begging to be spit up or pooed on). I was glad I took them early this morning because it wasn't long before that outfit was covered in spit-up!

Bean Burrito

We broke out the swaddling blanket at 4 am this morning...After our 3am feeding Essie was just soooo squirmy...not fussy...but squirmy. She wouldn't let herself fall back asleep. So after an hour of her wiggling Travis got out the swaddling blanket. I was afraid it was really frustrate her since she's such a mover and shaker...but NOPE! She was out like a light for 4 hours! Just check out my little "bean" burrito. (we called her "bean" up until we knew she was a girl). Also...look at that crazy hair she's rocking these days!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another busy day...

Essie and I had a lunch date today. We attended a surprise birthday lunch for one of the girls I work with, Mandi. It was a great time with good food and even better company! Have I mentioned that I LOVE the girls I work with???

Essie and I enjoyed the rainy afternoon snuggling in bed...

When Travis got home we all went to my classroom to move a little bit of furniture is my room while it's in it's "disaster" state. I'll post pics of my classroom when it's finished!

Afterwards we all went to Chili's to enjoy dinner...Essie was well behaved and really alert. We had a ton of people stop at our table to check her out! I was so proud of her. And then she had a major blowout diaper all in her carseat so I got to change her outfit in the Chili's bathroom...does it get any better than that? Really???

And is a video of my girl waking up from her nap today...just look at that smile. Melt me...

Birth Announcement

Here is the birth announcement I created for Essie..I thought it turned out pretty well. And just look at our little beauty...oh she takes my breath away!

Monday, July 27, 2009

a very "mom" day

This week Essie and I have a super busy schedule...I have a meeting every single day and she's going with me. Today was our first day out together just the two of was also my first time driving in almost 3 weeks! We had to be a meeting at my school at 10:00. Sarah came over this morning to ride with me and give me a hand in getting out the door....I'm really not supposed to lift much yet and carrying her in that carseat is heavy. Even worse is lifting her in and out of the big ole jeep! Anyway...I had laid out our clothes last night in preparation for today. I packed her diaper bag...had everything ready because I was so stressed about it all! Little did I know what I was in for today...

So we woke up this morning and I fed Essie and then I got dressed (no time for a shower). I got her dressed in a super cute outfit and bow. Just as I was picking her up she spit up...and it was not one of those little spit ups. It was a never ending, heaving, all over the place spit up. It covered her, me, and the floor...I panicked. I had not scheduled time for this! So I quickly whipped her outfit off and gave her a quick rub down with wipes to mask that horrible smell. Got her dressed in a "backup outfit". Put her in the carseat and I changed clothes. I also started a load of laundry because I didnt' want that sitting on her cute clothes while we were gone. All I needed was a bottle...and of course I had 7 empty dirty bottless. Dang! So I washed the bottles and refilled them just in time for Sarah to show up. Stressful!

So Essie got to visit my classroom for the first time was the first day we were allowed back in. Of course my room is a disaster from the summer cleaning (we will handle that this weekend!). She was a perfect angel the whole meeting and everyone loved on her. This is her at the meeting...
After that we came home and I fed her again while we waited on daddy to come home...(the a/c guys were supposed to make their final appearance today). During that time she had a MAJOR blowout diaper (no more poop troubles for this girl). It was all over her and me. And then it got all over her changing pad when I laid her down. While I was changing her she decided to top it off and pee all over the changing pad/me again! I could NOT believe this day! So I changed her and me AGAIN (shirt #3 of the day for me). She did get to sport this super cute bib today for her daddy...Then my mom, brother, and niece came up. It was my brother and niece's first time meeting her.... We all went to chick fila for lunch...this is my girl at chick fila chillin' and meeting her uncle and cousin Haley.

So I had a very "mom" day I'd say. It was great though...I really enjoyed the freedom of being out and about with her on my own! Essie is worn out and waaaay out of our normal routine...I've just now showered for the day and am worn out myself!!! Life is good though!
Also, here are a few pics of the headboard my very talented hubbie whipped up in just a matter of hours. I thought he did a heck of a job...and just look at the big ole' king sized bed. It's oh, so soft and comfy. If only we could actually get a good night of sleep in it...maybe in a few months we will!

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