Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our First Christmas

This morning started out chaotic with 3 doctor's appointments. Essie had one to check on some breathing issues she's been having at night...she's fine just a lil congested. Then Travis had one because he's injured his foot...he's fine, just a sprain. And then I had an appointment to deal with some ongoing tummy issues..I'm fine too. We wanted to get them all out of the way before Christmas.

Then Sarah & Matthew came by this evening and we exchanged gifts with them. They way outdid themselves...they gave us t-shirts, giftcards for dinner & a movie (they would babysit), and a personalized ornament. They got Essie the cutest outfit with matching blanket and a robe. We LOVE everything...but cherish their friendship the most! :) We gave them a personalized beverage bucket (from Krazy Daisy) filled with goodies for them and their pups!

Then it was time for our first family Christmas. We went ahead and did it tonight since we are going to be traveling alot in the upcoming days. Essie was ALL about it...she got this super cute PINK SPORTS CAR Walker/bouncer. She squealed when she saw it and kept screaming at her daddy while he put it together! Note to self...preassemble next year.

She also got two bathtub books, a Santa rubber ducky, play keys, several new toys that play music, and pajamas.

The pups got a ton of treats and new toys.

Travis and I only did stockings this year for each other..we are going to purchase a new tv for our bedroom as a joint gift.

It was an amazing first Christmas as a family and I teared up several times just thinking of how many years I've dreamed of our first Christmas with children.

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Lynn said...

Essie looks so excited about her new car. I love that grin on her face!! She is seems like such a happy baby, she must have great parents. Enjoy your holiday.

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