Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in Pine Bluff

So Christmas Day we loaded back up and headed south to Pine Bluff (to Travis' parents house).

and all was going smoothly until he hit Jacksonville.  Apparently it was still flooded from the rains and they had everyone get off the interstate and detour through downtown.  What normally takes 5 minutes to get through town took 1 hour and 10 minutes....

thankfully Essie slept through it!  But we did see alot of flooding and damage...I really feel for those people living in the houses next the roads...some of them had water up to the windows!

So we finally arrived in Pine Bluff on Friday afternoon and we hung out with Travis' family for awhile. And of course Maggie snooped under the tree and found ALL the presents for the dogs and drug them out and opened them.

That evening she took a bath and was VERY interested at looking at herself in the mirror.  She would NOT take her eyes off herself and she kept trying to hit her reflection.

On Saturday morning they let Essie open a few of her presents before everyone else arrived so that everyone could watch.  She of course was more into the tissue paper and wrappings.

She got a really cute tooth fairy pillow, socks, piggy bank that Travis' mom had painted and added a tutu to, and Patches the rocking horse.

That day she also started making this crazy, monkey face.  She did it time and time again.  We were laughing so hard I thought we would POP! 

That afternoon she and Tucker took a short nap while waiting on the rest of the family to arrive. 

Around 5:00 Travis' brother, sister in law, niece, and nephew arrived and we got to open all the gifts!

She had fun eating boxes again.

And playing with Uncle Benny. I think she's kinda crazy about him...he makes her laugh really hard!

Excuse my hair in this picture...Travis tried to take it over my head..I normally wouldn't post this horrible quality a pic but just look at that face!

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Jennifer said...

Cute pics of Essie. Love the one where she and Tucker are napping. I feel so bad for those folks that got flooded. Terrible.

Hope You and Yours have a Happy & Healthy New Year.

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