Monday, December 28, 2009

home sweet home...

So after being away for 5 days we were absolutely thrilled to be home!  However our house was such a disaster that we didn't want to be IN our home though.  I woke up before 6 this morning and was ready to get out and go shopping to get some of those great after Christmas deals.  I tried getting the husband up but that was a no-go so I did dishes and laundry and balanced our checking account while he and Essie slept until 8:30. 

Finally we were ready to go.  Just look at these adorable socks that Essie's Aunt Tanya got her.  They are Trumpette Disney and if you look closely you can see the Mickey Mouse.  They look like Minnie Mouse's shoes! LOVE them and we have a whole bunch of colors! :)

So we spent the whole morning shopping and after a yummy lunch at Blue Coast Burrito we headed home. 

Essie also had a yummy lunch of apple, banana, strawberry.  I think she was just a little pumped about it...whatcha think???

After lunch she played with daddy....again...a little pumped.

Do you see the shirt??? :)

and we took down the Christmas trees and other decorations! 

While Essie took a nap...check out that MAJOR paci!  We found that at Babies R''s a teething pacifier! And she LOVES to gnaw on those sides!

I don't know what it is about this time of year but I have the urge to clean and organize... I don't spring clean, I Christmas clean.  So I cleaned and organized our cabinets today and our pantry...

I even reorganized Essie's closet!

We spent the entire evening cleaning and putting things away.  We have all the Christmas stuff put up but we still need to give the ole' house a good cleaning tomorrow!  Then hopefully we can relax and enjoy the remainder of my break!

We also had a big event happen tonight.  I forgot to mention that Essie has been swaddle-free for a week or so now! YAY! That was a BIG undertaking...she was quite fond of the swaddler!  So we moved her to her own room tonight for the first time!  So far she's been okay...just hope it stays that way.  I was so sad to move her over but I knew it was time.  I always said we would do it before she was 6 months and that just happens to be next week....

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