Monday, January 31, 2011

coloring cutie

Essie is alllllll about coloring right now. She asks constantly to color.  Everytime she finds a piece of paper she says (demands) COLOR! COLOR! COLOR!  She has even colored on the coffee table, couch, her pink chair, door, and maggie.  Yes she is a little stink! So the first thing she does when she gets home is run to get a coloring book.  She looked so cute today in this hand-me-down valentine outfit! Deena always fixes her hair so cute each day!

This eveing I tried out two new recipes...easy mac lasagna and pink lemonade cookies.  They were both really good! Here is Essie eating her cookie.

Last night I worked on getting Essie's old clothes ready for consignment.  I've spent over 10 hours total on it so far..about 6 hours last night.  But I'm finished and so happy about it..such a relief.  I filled 3 tubs full! Hoping to make some major moohlah!

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