Saturday, January 15, 2011

dirt cake and bubbles.

This morning we had to set our alarms and get up extra early so we could all be dressed and out the door before 8.  We had to pick up 18 dozen donuts and head over to my school for a parent reading comprehension workshop.  One of my students' family owns a local donut shop "Shipleys" and we do alot of business with them! They really do make the BEST donuts! Apparently we go a lil too much because when we pulled up Essie started screaming "BITE!" and getting really excited.  And as soon as we walk in they have a bag of donut holes for her! Such good people!

Anyway I was so pumped because we are really trying to improve our parent involvement at school.  We have such an amazing school full of excited teachers, smart kiddos, and supportive parents however we just cannot get them up there after hours.  So we thought we would try something different and do a Saturday morning workshop instead of school nights. We had an amazing rsvp amount...around 100 parents rsvpd that they would be there.  We never expected to have so many! So we ordered a ton of donuts, coffee, and were ready to go! I had around 32 parents rsvp from first grade however only 6 showed up.  I was really disappointed in the actual turnout.  I was thrilled to death about the ones who did come, however! In fact they were all parents from my room (except one).  We had a great session and they got to take home a ton of goodies! Essie came up there and she and Trav hung out with the kiddos.  She had such a blast running around and playing.  She wore herself out and fell asleep on the way home.  We decided to take advantage of that and we all took a nap then!

Then we got up and ran a few errands and came home so I could cook! I have been double/triple cooking lately.  While I'm cooking one meal I go ahead and make part of another! For example on Monday I made veggie soup for Monday and meatballs for Tuesday.  Wednesday I made Ranch Chicken and boiled the chicken/made the filling for Chicken Enchilada Ring.  And  then today I made Corn Chowder & Dirt Cake for today, the meat for Meatzza Pizza (we will have on Monday), and chili for a new recipe I'm trying out tomorrow.  That means I only really cooked three nights this week but had dinners for over a week! The nights in between I just had to finish each meal which took very little time! And I really didn't feel like I was in the kitchen a whole lot longer than usual! But I am a good multi-tasker..if you aren't dont' even try it.  Having three different dinners going at once isn't easy!

Essie loves to stack and organzie right now.  She gets all her cups out from her drawer and lines them up on the floor. And she loves these stacking/nesting blocks she got from Julie for Christmas!

This evening she got to try her first bites of dirtcake and she loved it but wanted to paint in it so we took a crazy bubble filled bath and made one heck of a water mess!

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Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, the bubble bath picture is soooooooo cute! I've made the dirt cake, in fact I think I got it off your recipe blog or Kelly's but is de-lish.

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