Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here are a few of my valentine decorations! I have not decorated my table completely yet...mainly because Essie can now climb on the table and I can just foresee my plates broken on the floor.  I've already caught her up on the table tossing the little heart picks out! Oh the joys of a toddler!

Essie has started to wear her valentine's gear.  She has two dresses and the shirt she wore for her pictures.  This dress we bought last year and thought she looked so cute in it.

We had a nice little happy happen to us yesterday.  The lady who runs our local Kindermusik was looking for someone to help her with her technology needs (facebook, website, email, etc.) in exchange for free tuition.  I jumped at the chance and she invited us to our first Kindermusik class last night.  Essie loved it! I am excited about the opportunity! I enjoy that type of stuff and Essie is getting to enjoy some fun kid time for free! She was worn out last night after the class.  I'm really excited that it will give me and Essie something to do while Travis is in Little Rock.

Well during the class they had a "storybook" time where the teacher laid a quilt on the floor so the kids could sit on it and listen.  When we got home today she laid this blanket (that was mine when I was in Kindergarten and it was used every single day in the dramatic play center) out and laid her babies on it!

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