Monday, January 10, 2011

Ugh...stomach bug.

Thursday Essie was FINALLY back to normal..happy and eating! What a relief! And midnight we hear the glorious sounds of the stomach bug over the baby monitor.  We clean her up, change her jammies, and put her in bed with us (thinking she just got gagged on drainage at this point). happends again, this time in our bed.  Again, change sheets, change jammies, put new sheets on and go back to bed.  3am..again...this time we change sheets, GIVE bath and new jammies.  We are officially out of sheets at this point so onto the couch we go.  4 am...again. onto the 5th pair of jammies.  Needless to say we got less than 2 hours sleep that night and we now had a sick lil girl AGAIN. My dad drove up from Batesville Friday morning so he could watch Essie for us since Trav was supposed to sub.  We were supposed to go down to Batesville that night to help Trav's parents with their house but since Essie was under the weather we stayed home and his parents came to us.  Saturday morning Essie was better so we got up and all got ready to head on to Batesville. 

That morning Essie kept pointing to the tv saying "Elmo! Elmooooo!" I said "We are about to leave. We can watch Elmo in the car!".  She replied "OTAY!", pulled her car into the middle of the room, hopped in, pointed to the t.v, and said "Elmo!".  I about died laughing! Such a funny girl!

Once we got into town we went with my mom and Haley to get Haley's haircut. She wanted it chopped off and since she had enough to donate she donated it to "locks of love". I think she looked sooo cute in her new 'do! and I just realized that I forgot to take an after pic of her hair! :(

On Sunday morning my dad and I both woke up with the stomach virus...I slept til 1 that day and he slept most of the day as well.  Once I felt like I could make it home we loaded up and headed home.  But I started feeling REALLY sick and we had to pull over on the side of the road once..UGH! By the time we got home Travis was sick as well. It's amazing how one lil girl can infect sooo many adults! So we spent Sunday laying around and waiting on the snow that was headed our way!

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