Monday, January 10, 2011

1st Snow "ick" day of 2011!

We got our 1st Snow day of 2011! I LOVE snow staying inside, cooking soup, cleaning, and just relaxing! Oh they make me sooo happy! We've been waiting on this snow all week and it finally started really coming down last night around 9 pm.  I took Essie out to see it and she said "OH! Pretty Pretty!" I found it our school was closed in the middle of the night so I deactivated our alarms in hopes of sleeping in. 

Essie slept in until 9am! We got up and she ate a HUGE breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs and her first "real" bowl of cereal!

Then we bundled her up and went out to play in the snow. First thing she said was "ick!" "ick!" "ick" as she pointed to the snow. She screamed when we made her walk across it. She wanted NOTHING to do with it!

She did like going to the backyard and watching daddy play fetch with the doggies though!

So after our snow fun this is what Travis, Essie, Maggie, and Tucker did for the rest of the day...

and I got some free time to clean and cook! I made SPICY VEGETABLE SOUP and PEPPERED MEATBALLS!!! 
I've updated the recipe blog with the soup recipe too! Check it out!

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