Saturday, January 22, 2011

on a brighter note...

After we cleaned today...(it feels soooo gooood to have a clean house) we had a pretty good day! We've been talking about changing Essie's crib over to a toddler bed for awhile so we did that today...

She loves it so far! She loves being able to crawl up there on her own! We will see how that goes tonight though!

While we were doing laundry Essie came across this Elmo shirt of mine (we all have ELMO pjs now) and carried it around and begged me to put it on her.

Then we met up with some friends for a baby shower.  Essie and Adalyn had the biggest time playing! Essie rarely gets to play with kids older than her and she mimicked everything Adalyn did.  She called Adalyn "alla" over and over and over.

At one point it got quiet in their room and I found this...YES Adalyn had found the Qtips and the two girls were cleaning their ears together! We laughed and lauhed at those two crazies!

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