Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On the mend & Wooo Pig Soooie!!!

Essie woke up with fever again this morning (at 4:30 am) so she and Daddy stayed home together today.  I went on to work and had a great first day back...it was so nice to see my kiddos again! The good news is that Essie was pretty much fever free all day and took a 4 hour nap! She is a new kid tonight! She has a little bit of appetite and is playing some.  It makes me smile from head to toe to see her happy again and not in so much pain! If all goes well tonight she will get to go back to Mrs. Deena's tomorrow! She has missed her so much! Travis dressed her in her Razorback gear today so they could cheer on the HOGS tonight along with the rest of Arkansas! Here are a few pics of her today...

Do you see the football leggings??? Loooove them!

I love these two! In matching Hogs gear to boot!

I had planned to make Red Beans and Rice for dinner but we opted to go to San Francisco Bread instead.  I thought Essie might like some yummy potato soup but she opted for a slice of oreo cheesecake instead.  Heck after two (almost 3) days of not eating we'd let her eat whatever she wanted!!! She brought along her Elmo case of characters to play with as well! She loves these guys so much!

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