Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Essie has really gotten into "faking" these days.  She fake laughs, fake cries, even fake poops.  This afternoon she was sitting on the countertop enjoying her drinkable yogurt when she lightly bumped the back of her head against the cabinet.  She proceeded to grab the front of her head and say "ow" "owwww" "oooooh!".  This picture was taken minutes later when her daddy walked into the room and she wanted to let him know of her injury...
No worries she went right on drinking her yogurt seconds later!

It's been soooo  nice since Christmas in our house! We are in a lull and I LOOOOOVE it! We don't have a whole lot of "extra" stuff going on and it's soooo nice.  I have cooked dinner every single night and have meals planned for the rest of the week...Oh I LOOOVE it! My house is "almost" clean. It's never going to be "really" clean with an 18 monther running around! Ha! I love having extra time to spend with my family and not feel so rushed.  The only things on the books for the rest of January are a Parent Workshop I'm doing Saturday morning at school and a Pampered Chef party in a few weeks! Ahhh...I will enjoy it until February rolls around and I have Valentine's orders rolling in!

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Annie said...

She is so funny.

Enjoy your free time with family.

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