Monday, January 3, 2011

A sick lil one and please vote!!!

Essie has been one sick lil girl the past two days...her fever has been up to 104 and the lowest it's gotten is 100.  It's been up and down all night.  She feels awful...doesn't want to eat or drink...we cannot please her...and the only thing she wants is for me to hold her.  Not her daddy...only me.  So this morning when she woke up with 103 fever at 5:30 I called in to work and we took her to the sick call.  The dr said she's got a very bad sinus infection and tonsilitis (sp?).  Her throat looked awful and she sounds awful too! We had pretty much broken her of the bottle...she had 4 nights of no bottles and last night we broke down and gave her one in hopes that we could get SOME liquid down.  So I'm sure we will be starting all over again on that.  But we are willing to do whatever it takes to make her comfortable and feel a little better. She has gotten every single toy out today and our house is a disaster zone but we are just going to smile and deal for now! It kills us to see her sick and know that she feels bad!!!

And on a happier note...I have entered a picture of Essie into a Sesame Street Live contest.  I'm hoping to win tickets to see Sesame Street Live! I know she would flip out if she saw it! Here's the link if you want to go and vote for her.  We would really appreciate it! Thank You!

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Natalie K said...

I voted! Feel better soon Essie!

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