Thursday, January 6, 2011

Elmo's Pajama Party!!!

Tonight Essie got dressed in head to toe Elmo pajamas, slippers, and bow and we headed to Chick Fil a.

They were having an "Elmo Pajama Party"! It was PACKED...we had to park at Target and walk across the street even! There were no fact some people were even sitting outside eating! There wasn't room to walk or move! It was flat crazy!  But all worth it! Elmo was there (in his pj's) to take pics with the kids.  The kids were given fabric markers to decorate pillowcases (notice the black marker all over her face and lips?!)  and they were read "Goodnight Moon".  Essie wasn't so sure about Elmo in person..she would'nt sit on his lap but she did give him a high five! We ran into a couple of Essie's friends there...Carly and Presley.  These three girls were born within a few months of each other and all us moms work together! Carly and Essie matched totally and all three had on the same slippers!

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Erik said...

They were having an "Elmo Pajama Party"! It was PACKED...

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