Friday, January 14, 2011

Maggie Mae ate it...

I mentioned a little bit ago that we had broken Essie of the bottle right as she got so sick and so we gave it back to her in hopes of keeping her from dehydrating. that she's well......

Maggie Mae ate it. 

At least that's what we told Essie when she asked for her bottle on Monday night.  Maggie Mae ate it.  How did Essie react? Well...she cried and pointed to Maggie and screamed in the highest pitched voice ever "Maggie Mae????" "Maggie Mae????" "BaBa???BaBaaaaaaaa!" over and over and over. We couldn't help but laugh.  She completely believed it (given Maggie's history of eating everything in sight).

Well that was 5 nights ago and she's not asked for her "baba" since! So I'm proud to say my 18 month old is bottle free! They have been packed away in the attic! It was not bad at all to do break her....just a little bit of crying! ;)

And just for fun...a few pics of Essie on our way out of the house this morning...she was just precious in her bathrobe!!!

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