Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

We've had a pretty low-key but busy Memorial day!  I was so excited to dress Essie up in her red, white, and blue!  She wasn't as excited though!

And I just about cried she looked so darling in these pigtails! She looked like a toddler though!!!

We headed out bright and early and Essie talked us into going to McDonalds for breakfast.  She loves their pancakes and yogurt parfaits.

Then we ran errands to walmart, kmart, and hobby lobby.  Then we came home and she took a short nap while I did dishes and cleaned.  I also made over 80 oreo balls for work tomorrow.  Once Essie woke up it was lunch time and I let her have an oreo for dessert!  She loved it of course!

Travis took her outside to take some pics in the red chair but she was not cooperating!

She finally took a nice long nap so we could get some vinyling done for some projects we have going and once she got up we went outside for awhile so daddy could grill dinner.

And just because I think it's way too is a pic of Essie throwing a fit.  She does this thing where she puts her head down on the gorund to show just how upset she really it.  I just can't help but laugh!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

weekend in the bluff...

Friday afternoon we headed down to Pine Bluff to visit with Travis' family. Friday was also Essie's last day at daycare with Mrs. Deena so it was bittersweet. She will go back to her next August. It was also her real last day with her friend Macy there...Macy will be going to a formal daycare next year. That means Essie will be the big dog at daycare! And she will be joined by her "ra-ra" and "matt-matt"'s little one next year as well! :)It took us a full hour to get out of town. Travis had the Jeep packed and ready to go when he picked us up but I forgot to pay Deena so we had to go back into town to pay her and then once we got on our way we had to turn around for something and then we turned around again because Essie was throwing one heck of a fit the whole time and we had just about decided to wait and go Saturday morning. And of course as soon as we turned around and started heading home she fell asleep so we turned around again and went on our way. And she only slept for a lil bit and screamed the rest of the time. She's cutting two teeth right now...her right top tooth and a third tooth on the bottom. We tried every trick we could think of to keep her busy and finally resorted to letting her shred napkins as entertainment!
We got into town around 8 Friday night, ate dinner, and went to bed!

Saturday Essie woke up kinda sickly...coughing and sneezing like crazy. We left her with Peepaw and went to the farmer's market and walmart. Her meemaw picked up this......

And Essie was ALL about it! That child loves to climb and she climbed and climbed and climbed. She wasn't so much into the sliding part but she sure liked climbing. She even climbed up the slide part all by herself! I couldn't believe it! She loved standing on the top and jumping and screaming!

She played so hard that she and Peepaw both needed a nap!
That afternoon they went out and played with her new swing!

And that evening she enjoyed a nice blue popsicle before her bath! And once she was in Pj's she wanted to climb and play some more!

She had a really rough night Saturday night...was up coughing most of the night. So we decided church wasn't the best option for her so we stayed home and she took another nap...

Then after meemaw and peepaw came home we went to lunch and we loaded up and headed home. But not before we made a few stop in Little Rock. We stopped at GardenRidge and Essie fell in LOVE with this pink rocking chair. As soon as she sat in it she started rocking which cracked us up! There were some ladies nearby who just fell to pieces laughing at her. Essie had people stopping to watch her rock like crazy! I have a feeling that she will be getting this pink rocker for her bday!

And we are finally home...and ready for bed! We've got a whole list of stuff to do before I go back to work Tuesday! I only have 3 and a half more days until Summer Break! Yay!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

tight rolled jeans, neon, and hairspray

This evening we had a big 80's dance at my school to reward all the kiddos who were had not moved their color more than 3 times all year! Essie and I were excited to wear our matching splatter painted shirts! And daddy went for more of a "preppy" look.

Essie and her friend Presley who is 4 months older than her! Essie was all about her!

All the ladies.....decked out! I'm a member of our PBIS team (which is our behavior management system) and we planned this whole event!

The kids dressed in total 80s gear and looked so stinkin cute!!! We had a dj and he blasted 80's music the whole time! In fact at one point one of my kiddos asked you know these songs???

The kids got to dance, eat pizza, eat ice cream, run the hallways, talk on the intercom, and get their picture taken in the principals office!

Essie was a WILD CHILD the whole time and was all about the music! She danced her diaper off! The entire time she wanted to be in there and dancing! We even did the ch-cha slide together!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

46 weeks...

Guess who's 46 weeks old today?

And just look at that sweet minnie mouse onesie that we got for FREE!

Yep...a lady here was trying out some new Disney designs and asked for volunteers to try them out...all you had to do was bring her a white shirt. 

So we hopped right on that bandwagon! I love it and thought it turned out sooooo cute!

And do you know what this is for??? I spent a part of this evening splatter painting a onesie and tshirt for her and I to wear to something tomorrow.  Can you guess where we are going???

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I am plum worn out today.  This morning I helped put on a game show at school.  We did "minute to win it".  If you've never seen that's a riot!  We did it for an end of the year activity for all the students and teachers.

We did it 3 times and had the students and teachers participate in games.  It was hysterical! Here are a few pics from today.

Then we had our annual student vs staff kickball game. And it was INSANELY hot. 

After that I went to get my hair's been since November since I've had it done.  I got a gift certificate at March of Dimes so I went and had it done.  It took almost 3 hours but it feels so much better!

and this little girl has run a fever all day.  It was up to 101.9 at one point.  I don't know if it is do to her teething or what. 
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