Sunday, August 30, 2009

Away we go...

So we packed up and headed out today for Batesville. Tucker decided to help me zip my suitcase first thing...I think it was more he wanted to make sure we didn't leave him behind! Ha! 

So tonight we are in batesville.  Tomorrow Travis and I will be heading to Tunica for two nights and leaving miss Essie here.  I know it's so soon to leave her but we really need a weekend to ourselves.  Especially since our entire summer was spent waiting for her and then adjusting once she got here!  So we will be spending two nights away from her and it's already killing me!  I know she's in good hands but it's going to be hard to not see her all day! Anyway, here are a few pics from today...she's just the cutest little one! yes her shirt says "miss july".  I found that iron on and hoblob and added it to a plain white onesie!  love it (even though she was supposed to be a miss june!) ha!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


So...for the most part I've heard the Essie Claire looks like her daddy...and I agree completely.  But recently I looked at some of my baby pics and I see a fairly strong resemblence to me in her as well!  So, you are the judge.  Who do you think she looks like? Her daddy's baby picture is above (it's the only one i have on this computer...I will post more later).  My pictures are below...


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seeing spots...

First of all...had to post this picture of her in this outfit...LOVE it on her! The pants are too big in the waist but she still rocked it! And look! NO BOW! Okay, you know how they say that babies are attracted to contrasting prints? Well we noticed that Essie is very mesmerized by black & white polka dots. There are some on the mirror toy that is attached to her carseat and she is ALWAYS staring at them! She also had a book that has them and she loves it. I didn't realize her true obsession until tonight when I was holding her and she caught a glimpse of my shirt....
And she was soooooo excited....
That she stared and stared and stared....
and grabbed at them and cooed and drooled for over 30 minutes without taking her eyes of my black and white polka dotted ASU.
She even started fussing and I put her back on my chest and she immediately stopped and was again in a trance. So we will be looking for some black and white polka dot fabric to make stuff to keep with us at all times! Ha!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

7 weeks

Essie you are 7 weeks old today!!! Time is flying by soooo quickly! You are the cutest thing ever right look so much older than you are!
You can hold your head up like a champ! You've even rolled from your tummy to your side a few times!
You are such a smiley thing. Mama can make you smile real easily now!
You are very close to want to so bad! It just comes out in a gurgle or gasp. Oh how we can't wait to hear that laugh!
You are becoming a "chunky monkey". You now weigh 9 pounds 13 ounces! Just a growing girl!
You LOVE to stand and are very strong. You lock those legs out and we can't make you sit down!

Essie Claire you are just the best little girl and we love you so much!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Essie Claire Red Square!

Okay so when we woke up this morning...this is what I saw on Essie's head...

Yep..that's right a big red square! So I called the doctor's office for probably the weirdest thing ever. The nurse jotted down the notes...laughing...and told me she'd call back. So she did and told us to bring her in...
Of course by the time I loaded her up...the red square had turned into a slightly pinkish square. I just knew we'd be the laughing stock of the doctor's office but at least had my picture of the bright red square as proof. So the doctor walks in...I show him the picture...and he laughs and says "yep. that's a big red square!". Hmmm never seen anything like that before! He said he wanted us to come in so he could see it for himself! It's nothing...just more of that baby rash that formed a perfect square! Random! So after that we ran to my doctor's appointment for my 6 week postbaby checkup! As of now the red square has disapperaed and she's a happy girl. By the way...I think that mirror on the carseat is making her a little vain. She's constantly smiling at herself in it!

Monday, August 24, 2009

"push" present

I got my "push" present in the mail today!!! For those of you who don't know what a push present's a gift from your hubbie for going through all the pain of labor and delivery...hence the "push" part! I picked out this necklace that has essie's name on the front and her birthday on the back. I LOVE it! I got it at If you go there, you can register as a new user and get a 15% off code to use on your first order!

professional pictures

Here are some of our favorites from our professional photo session we had a few weeks ago!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

fussy girl

Today we have had a fussy girl on our hands...she's just not her happy self! It's so hard to not know what's wrong or know what to do! My theory right now is that she's really gassy. She's also not been taking her usual naps so she might be overly tired as well. It's been a rough day and it makes us want to cry right along with her. We are really hoping for a much better day tomorrow! But we did get a few smiles out of her this morning and she's sure looked cute even when she's upset!


essie has started doing this as she's falling asleep. She rubs her hair between her fingers...I tried getting a picture of it...
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